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How to follow a car with manual gear on an uphill section? As long as you follow the old driver, it's actually very easy

2021-08-26 21:32:48 Oriental Information automobile

People's living standards are getting higher and higher , Cars have gradually become a necessity in people's life , Therefore, more and more people buy cars . Now a large number of young people have not driven a car for a long time after they get their driver's license in the driving school , Sometimes let them drive a manual car , They may feel that their skills are OK , Also acceptable , however , If we novice drivers encounter a traffic jam uphill, it will be more embarrassing . I believe every novice driver has experienced flameout due to traffic light traffic jam , But if this happens on the half slope , And there is no old driver nearby , That's really terrible .

Actually , When we were in driving school, we all learned the operation of fixed-point starting on Banpo , The test of starting on a half slope is the driver's understanding of the accelerator 、 Comprehensive control of clutch and brake , Need to pay attention to cooperation . If the brakes are released early, the car will slip , If the throttle is increased, it is easy to cause danger due to too fast speed . For this kind of manual gear uphill , To prevent accidents , Ensure driving safety , Some old drivers also have their own experience . How to follow the car with manual gear in uphill section ? Just follow the old driver , It's really easy !

The first thing to say is , If you follow a car uphill , A safe distance must be ensured . Because when you go uphill , We don't know the driving level of the driver in front of us , If we don't leave enough space , And the car in front slipped again , It's hard for us to keep ourselves safe . in addition , If we leave enough space, it will be safer to start by ourselves , If the front brakes hard , Then we have enough distance to cushion , To avoid rear end collision . If the car in front stops completely , Then we don't need to use the foot brake , Just stop the vehicle and put it in neutral , Then pull on the handbrake , This will give us time to relax our feet , But here's the thing , If the car in front starts , We also have to start in time , Prevent traffic jam .

Then there is the problem of starting after parking on a half slope , I believe every friend with a driver's license should be familiar with this operation , It's just that some people don't drive for a long time or park less uphill , You will forget this operation process , And when actually driving on the road, it is still a little different from the half slope start of subject 2 . If you want to start halfway , The right thing to do is , Step on the clutch , Put gear into first gear , With a little throttle , Then slowly lift the clutch , Release the handbrake when you feel that the clutch is approaching the joint point . It should be noted that , The accelerator should not be increased too much in this starting mode , The handbrake must be released in time , Otherwise, it is easy to cause rear end collision or car sliding .

Actually , What novice drivers fear most is the traffic jam on the ramp . Once there's a traffic jam , Then the speed on the ramp must not be up , At this time, we have to use the semi clutch mode to drive , The so-called semi clutch is the semi linkage of the clutch , Clutch semi linkage refers to the working state of unstable coupling of clutch , That is, the driver presses the clutch pedal , Gradually reduce the pressure of the clutch pressing plate , Cause the driving plate and the driven plate to slide while rotating . In the case of stop and go , We'd better use semi linkage , Then use the throttle to control the driving speed .

exactly , When a car with manual transmission is driving on a half slope , It's still difficult for some novice drivers . however , After learning the above methods , I'm sure you can take it easy , I believe everyone can feel and learn in actual driving , Make yourself an old driver who is not afraid of the ramp !

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