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New Land Rover PHEV spy photo 2022 debuts at Nurburgring

2021-08-26 21:40:20 Oriental Information automobile

recently , We have learned from relevant channels that , Overseas media have exposed a group of new range rover PHEV Spy photos of . It is reported that , New car or will 2022 Appeared in Nurburgring .

aesthetic , It can be seen that the new car adopts the Land Rover family design language , The banner grille on the front face is still very recognizable . meanwhile , Although the headlight groups on both sides are deeply camouflaged , But it can be seen that a brand-new shape is adopted , With the design of upper and lower bumpers , Overall, the new car is more atmospheric .

The body side , The lines of the new car are smooth , Although the cover is deep , What is visible at a glance is Land Rover's distinctive temperament , Match with the large-size multi frame rim shape , Make the new car dynamic .

The rear part , The tail of the new car is full , The slightly raised small spoiler further improves the sense of motion of the whole vehicle . motivation , According to a source , The new car may use a high-power plug-in hybrid combination , Or will carry 3.0L Six cylinder engine , And provide lithium ion batteries . More new car information , We will continue to pay attention .

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