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Down 25000! Experience Nissan's new Xiaoke, like "large Xuanyi", 2.0L + CVT, with an annual sales of 160000+

2021-08-26 21:40:26 Oriental Information automobile

During this time, many netizens are discussing Nissan Qijun models , Because of its three cylinder engine design , Leading to controversial topics . In fact, Nissan has more than just Qijun , And Xiaoke SUV. Speaking of Xiaoke , It gives us the feeling that the sales volume is not very good , There doesn't seem to be much exposure in the market , It is a more moderate SUV. In fact, this is not the case ,2020 In total, Xiaoke sold 161193 car , The typical muffled sound makes a fortune . Given the shortage of chips this year , The cumulative sales volume in the first half of the year actually reached 75630 car , Cumulative year-on-year growth 18.09%. Therefore, this model of Nissan Xiaoke is very popular with friends at the terminal , Today, let's talk about this Nissan Xiaoke model .

In terms of price range , The manufacturer's guide price of Nissan Xiaoke is 15.49 000 yuan to 18.89 Ten thousand yuan , The preferential rate of the terminal is as high as 2.5 Ten thousand yuan , So the entry-level Xiaoke only has 13 Ten thousand yuan , What do you think of such a price ?

Look at the design , The appearance and appearance of Nissan Xiaoke model is still quite high , But I always think this is the heightened Nissan Xuanyi , I don't know if you feel this way ? The front face adopts Nissan family style V-motion Front face design , The interior of China Grid is filled with blackened honeycomb air inlet grille , But the size of the air net is smaller ; The headlights are with sharp corners led High and low beam headlamp design , The entry-level model uses halogen light source ; Equipped with... At the fog lamp position led The daytime running lights . For the whole front face , Is it more similar to the classic version of Xuanyi ?

From the side , The body posture is well built , High ground clearance , Equipped with five sports wheels , The zigzag body waist line and the chrome trim around the window , Generally speaking, it's more exquisite . Body data section , The length, width and height of this Nissan Xiaoke are 4401/1837/1593mm, The wheelbase is 2646mm, In this age of lengthening everywhere , The size of Nissan Xiaoke does look a little small .

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