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What kind of car is the most economical for young people with low income?

2021-08-26 21:40:34 Oriental Information automobile

Hello, my friends ! It's time for weekly Q & A , What car selection problems have you encountered in this issue ? Now let's have a look !

01. From fans 【 Captain Xiaozhi 】Q: Hello, blogger , I'd like to inquire about the purchase of a car . It is mainly used to go to college, go home and go to school , The entire 500-600 km , Either manual or automatic , Hope to configure some technology , Do not pursue space , Enough for two people and some basic luggage , The price in 10 All around , Please reply .

A:10 Over the budget , We won't talk about regular recommendations , Don't worry , There are a lot of joint venture small cars to choose from , You should have feelings , Also have 6 Cylinder “ Big Hou Chao ” Ruizhihe N hand E90 Can satisfy you , To pull the wind , And the convertible TT and SLK Waiting for you to take over , But for the “0 income ” For the student party , It is recommended that you choose a car based on “ To save money ” For the premise .

If you don't consider household , The editor believes that the new energy electric vehicle is very suitable for the student party with little pocket money as a daily commuter , On the one hand, it can minimize the cost of vehicles , It saves extra expenses for refueling and maintenance , On the other hand, it is more in line with your preference for Technology , Even if you have to run a long distance several times a year , It's just that the service area is charged twice “ trifle ”, Compared with saving money to buy gifts for your girlfriend , not worth bothering about ?

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