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Baojun's car can be called a "small expert in saving money", with only 6 yuan for 100 kilometers

2021-08-26 21:41:57 Oriental Information automobile

With the increasing popularity of new energy vehicles , Electric vehicles are getting more and more attention . Many families often choose electric vehicles as their daily travel vehicles , Let's talk about Baojun today E100 This car .

In appearance , The car looks cute, even cute , Small shape , The waist line is designed below , Create a good posture . The body color adopts contrast design , Full of design beauty . Besides , Low front and high back body contour , Not only does it have a flexible body , It also brings a sense of security , After all , Ultra high strength steel for the whole vehicle 、 The application proportion of high strength steel reaches 42.9%, Frame and cage body structure and battery protection , Greatly improve its safety performance . meanwhile , Optional ice flame blue 、 Glass red 、 Candy white 、 Dream powder 、 Aurora silver 5 Kind of body color , It can be said that the appearance is quite excellent .

In the interior , Starting at less than 4 Ten thousand yuan of electric vehicles , It reflects its good design skills , The center console is surrounded , The visual impression is very bright ,7 Inch color on the instrument cluster , With reversing image function , Very practical ! The vehicle size is 2488 * 1506 * 1670 mm ,1600 Mm wheelbase , Although the size of the data is not very good , But it's enough for daily going out . The seat also supports the child safety fixing function , This is very practical .

In terms of motivation , As a pure electric vehicle , Known as a money saver , Not only does it consume less electricity , And very energy-saving and environmental protection . It is also different from most electric vehicles that require complex charging equipment . Ordinary household 220V Power charging is convenient , The charging time needs 11.5 Hours . The whole vehicle is equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motor , And 24kWh Lithium battery matching , Output power 29KW, Peak torque 110nm. The mileage of MIIT is 250 km , The fastest speed is 100 code , can 6 Second to 50 code .

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