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Ministry of Commerce: encourage qualified areas to recycle household appliances and furniture and exchange the old for the new

2021-08-26 21:42:15 Beijing daily client

8 month 23 The morning of , The State Information Office held a press conference , Please welcome Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao 、 Wang Shouwen, vice minister and deputy representative of international trade negotiation 、 Vice Minister Qian Keming introduced the positive contribution to business , Strive to promote a well-off society in an all-round way , And answer questions from reporters .

CCTV reporter from the head office asked a question : From the realization of food and clothing to the overall well-off , Then to the historical process of building a well-off society in an all-round way , China's consumption structure has also changed from food and clothing 、 From well-off type to affluent type 、 Enjoyable change . How does the Ministry of commerce promote consumption upgrading , What other measures will be taken in the future ?

Regarding this , Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao said : Since the 18th CPC national congress , The Ministry of Commerce firmly implements the strategy of expanding domestic demand . In terms of scale , from 2012 Year to 2020 year , The total retail sales of social consumer goods in China increased from 20.6 Trillion to 39.2 Ten thousand yuan , Average annual growth 8.4%, China has become the world's second largest consumer market after the United States . structurally , The people's living standards and quality have been greatly improved . For example, every 100 households now have color TV sets 121 platform , Refrigerator is 102 platform , The cell phone is 254 Ministry . With the continuous improvement of people's living standards , The pace of consumption upgrading is also accelerating , Numbers 、 Culture 、 tourism 、 Various consumption hotspots such as health emerge one after another . next step , The Ministry of commerce should adapt to the consumption situation , Work from the following aspects :

First, the energy level of traditional consumption should be improved . For example, home appliances 、 furniture 、 automobile 、 Restaurant , Known as consumption “ Four King Kong ”, It accounts for a quarter of the total social zero , They belong to traditional consumption , But the potential is still great . Like cars , The Ministry of Commerce will promote the transformation of automobile from purchase management to use management , In particular, expand the circulation of second-hand cars . After the car ownership of the whole society reaches a certain level , The second-hand car market began to expand . Therefore, the circulation of the second-hand market is also a big market in the future , Promote echelon consumption 、 Recycling consumption . We also encourage qualified areas , Like home appliances 、 Furniture recycling , To old change new , Support the innovative business model of the catering industry , Improve service quality , So that catering consumption can be further expanded .

The second is to speed up the cultivation of new types of consumption . The epidemic has forced some new consumption patterns , There are many innovations . Therefore, we should speed up the cultivation of some new types of consumption , Including some smart stores 、 Contactless delivery , Home service and other new business formats and models . At the same time, it also encourages some traditional circulation enterprises to create some new immersive 、 Experiential 、 Interactive consumption scenario .

Third, build an upgrading platform for consumption . Through the innovation and development of consumption platform , Through the combination of points, lines and surfaces , We should combine expanding consumption with improving people's quality of life , The Ministry of Commerce will focus on Shanghai 、 Beijing 、 Guangzhou 、 tianjin 、 Five cities in Chongqing have become international consumption centers . At the same time, we should promote the transformation and improvement of pedestrian street with high quality , In the next step, we will pay special attention to some characteristic business districts and characteristic blocks . This year, 5 month , Together with relevant departments, we launched the national consumption promotion month , The effect is very good . next step , We will ensure the prevention and control of the epidemic on the basis of , Take a series of consumption promotion activities , For example, festival consumption , Promote the revitalization of the city with Festival 、 Prosper business with Festival 、 With a knot gathering potential , Better meet multi-level 、 Diversified consumer demand , Improve the structure and energy level of consumption .

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