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What is a high-quality sports car like? See the new Roewe i5 GT

2021-08-26 21:51:45 58 car

aesthetic , The new Roewe i5 GT New front design , The large area integrated air inlet grille occupies almost the whole front face . The interior of the grille is designed in black fish scale pattern , It looks more three-dimensional , And very radical . At the same time, there is a through chrome trim on the grille , Highlight the texture . On both sides of the bumper C Bright black decoration is also used in the shape fog lamp area , Enhance the movement breath of the front face .

The headlight groups on both sides are transversely connected by a plated trim strip , And integrated with the grid , Enhance the integrity and recognition of the front . The headlights are all-round LED The light source , Higher brightness than halogen light source , Your appearance should be much higher , And with automatic lighting function .

The body side , The front of the car shows a downward trend , The waist line extends from the front lamp to the rear , Make the overall body lines look very smooth . The exterior of the rearview mirror is painted in black , And the style of the hub is more sporty .

The new Roewe i5 GT The design style of the tail is similar to that of the front face , A chrome plated trim strip is applied in the middle of the tail lights on both sides , Echo the front face . There are also... Under the tail lamp group “GT” identification , Further increase the degree of identification . The rear logo use “ROEWE” Alphabetic arrangement , The purple and Golden Lion Logo on the front of the car is not used .

The new Roewe i5 GT Martin red will be provided 、 Ronglin grey 、 St. Moritz blue 、 Yingliang white and other body colors , And cosmic star rain interior theme color , Are young and vibrant color schemes .

Compared with the appearance of fashion, sports style , The interior adopts the current popular minimalist design . The main color of the interior is black , Then match it with the fluorescent yellow decorative strip , Make the car look more jumping , It won't look so dull .

The new Roewe i5 GT The whole system is equipped with 4 airbag , Including front double airbags 、 Front side airbag ; among , The top model is equipped with side air curtain , Greatly improve the driving safety .

Different from other models , roewe i5 GT The adaptive cruise button is not designed on the steering wheel , It's designed near the light adjusting rod , Just rotate the adjusting lever , But for new users , Be familiar with... In advance .

The new Roewe i5 GT With a brand new 12.3 Inch Nautilus style combination virtual instrument + new 10.25 Inch IPS HD suspended central control screen combination , It seems to be full of Technology , The distribution of all information is very consistent with daily use habits , The screen display effect is good , And easy to use , More practical information can be easily found .

10.25 The inch central control screen is equipped with the new zebra Zhixing Venus intelligent system , The voice conversation of the system is very intelligent , Can be realized 90 You don't have to wake up again in seconds , If you're bored in the car , You can have a pleasant chat with the screen . Besides , The screen also has a built-in Gaode map 、 Online entertainment and applet functions , Bring more convenience to travel .

There are still physical buttons in the car , It can be used for air conditioning 、 The volume 、 Main page and other function configurations , This is not only convenient and fast , Moreover, it is also conducive to the blind operation of the driver during driving .

The new Roewe i5 GT Some models are equipped with leapfrog 720 Degree intelligent landscape imaging system , Integrate 360 Super clear panoramic image and super 360 Visual aids , Enough to deal with the width limit 、 Meet on a narrow road 、 Bump along the road 、 Move out of the narrow parking space 、 Problems such as children's blind spots , This function is quite practical for the driver .

The car's seat design is also very particular , Using a zero gravity hip seat , What does this beautiful hip mean ? The new Roewe i5 GT Seats are mainly used for Zero-G Zero gravity technology , More ergonomic reverse camber design is adopted at the cushion and backrest , Further enhance the ride comfort . According to official information , The cushion and the back of the chair are filled with the unique 20mm Zero gravity fill , It's really comfortable to sit on , Even if you sit for a long time, you won't have back pain and ass pain .

Compared with the escape of competitive products at the same level PLUS、 Imperial and other models , The new Roewe i5 GT There is a larger trunk opening and a lower trunk floor , It is convenient to carry luggage up and down . The rear seats support the overall reclining , It can form a good storage space after being put down , It just can't form a plane after falling down , It's not enough .

The whole car provides rich storage space , No matter how big or small, you can find a suitable place in the car . The handles of the four doors are closed storage compartments , Mobile phones and other small items can be placed at hand . Storage space under the central passage , Paper towels or other sundries can be placed at hand .

motivation , The new Roewe i5 GT carrying 1.5T Blue core high efficiency engine , The most powerful 127kW, Maximum torque 275N·m; Transmission in , And what matches that is 7 Fast wet double clutch gearbox , Overall improvement in power , Officially, the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is only 5.9L, Taking into account the fuel economy .

besides , The car also worked hard in many invisible places , Like the new Roewe i5 GT use U The U-beam is semi independent and comfortable rear suspension , Include U Beam structure 、 Perforated beam design and lightweight connectors , Make the overall driving feel stable and comfortable .

SAIC Roewe launched this new Roewe i5 GT, It has brought new choices to more young consumers . At present, users not only need a face value 、 intelligence 、 practical 、 A model with balanced performance in all aspects such as safety , And they also need a car with high-performance power performance to meet their driving fun , However, the new Roewe i5 GT It is such a high-quality sports car . If the new car can give a reasonable price and attractive car purchase policy when it is on the market , Believe in the new Roewe i5 GT Will be more competitive .

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