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Porsche 911 RSR successfully boarded the podium of Le Mans 24-hour endurance race

2021-08-26 21:56:22 58 car

2021 year 8 month 22 Japan , Porsche is in a highly competitive 89 Le Mans 24 Won a seat on the podium of the hour endurance race . Factory drivers Kévin Estre、Neel Jani as well as Michael Christensen Cooperative driving 92 Porsche No 911 RSR Get the third place in the group .

In this FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) In the fourth round of the game , By three other factory team drivers Gianmaria Bruni、Richard Lietz、Frédéric Makowiecki Driving 91 Sister car No. 1 won the fourth place . An hour before the end of the game , The internal competition between the two Porsche cars for the position of the podium has ended ahead of schedule , In the last set of deceleration curves ,91 Car No. 1 made a mistake and rushed into the buffer , As a result, the rear surround and rear wheel brake of the vehicle have to be replaced .

“ Our team performed flawlessly , perky .” An Zhefei, vice president of Porsche motorsport (Fritz Enzinger) Express ,“ Unfortunately , We are still not fast enough to challenge the group champion , However 92 The podium result of No. 1 is still a powerful reward for our employees' passion at the track and Weissach headquarters , I would like to thank all those who have contributed to this achievement .”

Two from Weissach 911 The car maintained good long-distance speed in this classic endurance race in France , However, due to bad luck in the two safety car stages , In the first third of the game, there was about 3 Minute gap . The fact proved that , Just for the rest 16 Hours of excellent performance will not close the gap . For Porsche GT For the team , This unfortunate event originated from a special rule on the French Sasson track .

Different from other events , Because the single lap distance is up to 13.626 km , When a safety car was sent out due to an accident in Le Mans , Three safety cars will enter the track at the same time , Divide the cars on the track into three groups , If the car and the sports car are behind the same safety car , Then you can get back the time lost on the track ; And the driver following the next safety car , Although not for their own reasons , But in an instant, I was in a disadvantageous position , The loss is at least 90 second , This kind of thing happened twice in the two factory teams 911 RSR On the car .

“ This game is not only difficult , It's also disappointing for us , We hope to fight for victory .” Responsible for FIA WEC Project Alexander Stehlig In conclusion ,“ Despite our good and systematic preparation , But we didn't achieve the lap speed and top speed we wanted , We will spend some time with the FIA and ACO Analyze everything again , See why we can't match our opponents in the race .”

stay GTE-Pro In the group , The customer's team was unlucky

When two cars are operated by the factory team 911 RSR When the audience was excited about the car competing for the third place ,GTE-Pro Two customer cars in the group have entered the repair area ahead of time . Sunday morning ,WeatherTech The American driver of the team Cooper MacNeil Driving 79 There was an accident in car No , And make it impossible for the car to return to the race .HubAuto The team's car retired due to technical failure shortly after sunrise .

Dempsey-Proton The team's 77 Number 911 RSR The car is driven by factory team drivers from Australia Matt Campbell With the team owner Christian Ried And New Zealand drivers Jaxon Evans Co driving , In the end in GTE-Am Fifth in the group .88 Sister car No. 1 starts from pole position , The final ranking group is no 13. Absolute team and Herberth The team finished their tour of Le Mans in seventh and tenth places respectively .Project 1 Two racing cars and Proton Competition The team's 99 Car No. 1 unfortunately withdrew from the race ,GR Racing A lot of time was lost due to long maintenance work , Last in Group No 14 position .

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1. Calado、Pier Guidi、Ledogar,AF Corse, ferrari 488 GTE #51,345 circle

2. Garcia、Taylor、Catsburg, Corvette team , Corvette C8.R #63,345 circle

3. Estre、Jani、Christensen, porsche GT Fleet , porsche 911 RSR #92,344 circle

4. Lietz、Bruni、Makowiecki, porsche GT Fleet , porsche 911 RSR #91,343 circle

5. Serra、Molina、Bird,AF Corse, ferrari 488 GTE #52,331 circle

6. Milner、Tandy、Sims, Corvette team , Corvette C8.R #64,313 circle

7. Martin、Parente、D. Vanthoor,HubAuto Fleet , porsche 911 RSR #72,227 circle

8. MacNeil、Bamber、L. Vanthoor,WeatherTech Fleet , porsche 911 RSR #79,139 circle


1. Perrodo、Nielsen、Rovera,AF Corse, ferrari 488 GTE #83,340 circle

2. Keating、Pereira、Fraga,TF Sport, Aston Martin Vantage #33,339 circle

3. Cressoni、Mastronardi、Illot,Iron Lynx, ferrari 488 GTE #80,338 circle

5. Ried、Campbell、Evans,Dempsey-Proton Fleet , porsche 911 RSR #77,335 circle

7. Haryanto、Picariello、Seefried,Absolute Fleet , porsche 911 RSR #18,332 circle

10. Renauer、Ineichen、Bohn,Herberth Fleet , porsche 911 RSR #69,330 circle

13. Andlauer、Bastien、Arnold,Dempsey-Proton Fleet , porsche 911 RSR #88,327 circle

14. Wainwright、Barker、Gamble,GR Fleet , porsche 911 RSR #86,322 circle

16. Olsen、Buchardt、Foley,Project 1 Fleet , porsche 911 RSR #46,138 circle

21. Perfetti、Cairoli、Pera,Project 1 Fleet , porsche 911 RSR #56,84 circle

22. Inthraphuvasak、Latorre、Tincknell,Proton Fleet , porsche 911 RSR #99,66 circle

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