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The world's first MPV capable of off-road debut, or domestic next year, equipped with 2.2t diesel engine!

2021-08-26 21:56:26 Wei Xiaohua

mention “ Delika ”, Think that netizens will think of our Southeast automobile production “ Southeast Delica ”! In fact, this car has an inseparable relationship with Mitsubishi ! because “ Southeast Delica ” In fact, it is the third generation product of Mitsubishi . The fourth generation products are made by Jianghuai Ruifeng ! Is it clear at once ! Baozi shaped structure , Durability has become the advantage of this car , And the most important thing is because in terms of price , This car can roll over any model !

Finished the background , Let's take a look at this new generation of Mitsubishi “ Delika ” What adjustments have been made ! First, in modeling , The new car has the same design as the old van , The appearance of the new car is more layered , Compared with the past , The freshness is revealed at once ! More Than This , The appearance of the new car has also been adjusted more . The front face adopts the same design as the new outlander , Four unique decorative strips form its middle net , And double LED The headlight group is located just above the machine cover , Perfectly integrated with the whole car ! The vertical headlights and grille between the two sides form 90 The angle between degrees , More completely show its sense of power .

Compared to the front , Its side is relatively calm , Moreover, large area windows are installed on the side of the vehicle body , In addition, the height of the upper roof is high , Therefore, the passengers in the car will have better vision and ride comfort ! Come to the rear of the car , We still see the feeling of traditional Van , The whole tail line is straight , Plus the vertical effect , It also brings a more business feeling , In addition, the rear of the new car also adopts hidden exhaust and through tail lights !

On the interior , This brand new “ Delika D:5” The performance is very Mitsubishi ! Actually, Xiao Bian also make complaints about it , What age is this , Still so unremitting ! The whole front row design is very simple , The multi-function buttons are still very convenient , The mechanical instrument panel is more or less contemporary ! The central control screen and the gear lever are completely penetrated together , And black piano baking paint is used around , It also adds a lot of chic to this car . What we didn't expect was that the front of its co pilot added imitation wood decorative cover plate for the first time !

You can see from the layout of the seats , This car uses 2+2+2 Six seat design , Whether it's the middle row or the third row , Can be completely put down , At this time, the car's sense of space was instantly released ! motivation , The new car is equipped with three engines , Namely 2.2T Turbocharged diesel engine 、2.0L and 2.4L Naturally aspirated gasoline engine optional . One of the real models is equipped with 2.2T Supercharged diesel engine , Maximum output 107kW, Adaptive Aisin 8AT transmission . But it's not over , Because this car adopts the same chassis design as outlander , So it's no exaggeration to say , Its off-road performance is completely equal to that of outlander , This also makes it the world's first cross-country MPV models . It is reported that the new car is expected to be officially introduced into China next year , I don't know such a MPV What impact can it bring to the market , We'll see .

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