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Equipped with armored body, the interior is more luxurious than big G! Actual shooting of the first batch of "tank 700" entering the store

2021-08-26 21:56:31 Wei Xiaohua

Nearest tank 600 The real car has been officially exposed , without doubt , The appearance of this car also makes up for the vacancy of Toyota Prado production ! However, this car is not hot yet , The Great Wall's tank series ushered in another heavy model , This car is not inferior to Mercedes Benz G, It's a new generation “ tanks 700”! The picture shows Xiaobian in 4S Pictures taken in the store , It seems to confirm the netizen's sentence : This can make the opponent how to live !

And the tanks that have been exposed so far 600 Different , This car doesn't have such a huge body , So its opponent won't be a car like Prado , But because this car has a design comparable to armor , So Xiaobian also made a bold prediction , Will its opponent be the Wrangler 、 Big G What about a class of models , Yes, of course , This is also Xiaobian's own guess . Or go back to this car , The appearance design basically sets the tone for this car , The appearance of the armored version is second to most models of the same level ! The front face will be divided into two parts , One is the grille above , We see a ladder shaped shape design , The composition of China net is composed of three horizontal bars , Plus a new one in the middle LOGO, The display of that effect is absolutely overwhelming . And its shape also presents a straight in design , It's totally an armored car feeling .

And the headlight design of this car is just right . Firstly, a kind of eyelet headlamp group is adopted , But simple adjustments have been made in the structure , For example, the upper edge of the headlamp is slightly straight , Then cooperate with the driving light above , Will there be a anthropomorphic effect . In terms of size , The length, width and height of this car are respectively 4748mm*1933mm*1697mm, Wheelbase reached 2850mm, On the whole side , The double waist line divides the car into three parts , The front and rear wheel eyebrows also adopt a straight shape design ! On the tail , The back surround of the wide body is fully displayed , The tail box adopts the form of side door , It is also equipped with a small external schoolbag , Double side, double outlet and four exhaust , Let the power sense of the whole car reach the peak in an instant .

In sharp contrast to the appearance of the armored version is its ultra luxurious interior ! This visual contrast is rare in the automotive field ! We see the whole interior made of orange suede, including , This is more than “ Howe ”! Only in the design of the steering wheel, it will bring a sense of elegance ! Triple screen dashboard , All are LCD ! The LCD central control screen added in the middle is full get To the point of netizens , Is there an opponent at the same level ?

However, this is far from over , Because the power system of this car has actually surpassed that of Mercedes Benz G, It is reported that the new car is equipped with a completely self-developed 3.0T+9AT Power mix , Its maximum horsepower is 354 horse , The peak torque is coming 500 cattle · rice , And it's learned that , tanks 700 It is expected that additional services will be provided p2 Version of the hybrid system , The comprehensive power of the system can reach 517 horsepower , Maximum torque 750 cattle · rice ! At present, new cars have arrived one after another 4S shop , It seems that it is one step closer to listing , I don't know the operation of the Great Wall , Whether the opponent can resist .

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