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The first batch of new "land Patrol" arrived at the domestic port and replaced with 3.5t twin turbine engine. The price will exceed one million!

2021-08-26 21:56:35 Wei Xiaohua

In fact, from the exposure of the new generation of land patrol to the real listing in the Middle East , Just a year , And then , This car is also officially launched in Mongolia , This has officially opened the pace of global sales , Just recently, Xiaobian also got news from the front , This has become a new generation of popular models “ Randkuluzer ” The first batch of models have arrived in China , It seems that the time for listing is one step closer , This is undoubtedly great news , But there's another news that's not good news , That is, the price of this car will basically be the same as expected, more than one million , But which number will it be , There is no accurate information yet !

The picture above shows a new generation of land patrol photographed by netizens at the port ! exactly , The new car shows more design concepts in appearance , It is quite strong in the creation of freshness ! Therefore, the future audience of this car no longer belongs to those small partners who like off-road , Even if you use this car to press the road, it's a good choice ! The whole front of the car adopts four horizontal bar decorative strips in a large area , And it has a strong sense of strength in modeling ! Three independent headlights are used on each side LED The light source , Below it is the sunken driving light , With Lexus LX More similar . The front surround of the new car will adopt different modeling designs according to different configurations .

The new car shows a stronger hardline feeling on the side , The front and rear wheel eyebrows adopt a plane type for the first time + Straight modeling design , Instantly show the flexibility of this car . And the glass of the car has been adjusted again , The special logo of the car is also printed on the side rear , It can also make this car look more different . The rear of the car is in sharp contrast to the front face , Without the domineering feeling of the front face , But it has a sense of sharpness of movement , And even the exhaust has been replaced with a hidden shape , It can be seen from these small details , Toyota's designers have done enough Market Research .

Yes, of course , The changes about this car are far from stopping . If the weakness of the previous land patrol was the interior of this car , Then the interior after the replacement can become the strongest point of this car . Even its advanced version of Lexus 570 Make it three points, too ! The overall interior design is very capable , There's no sense of procrastination . Replaced with a new display , The embedded central control has also been replaced by the current suspended shape , Plus the upgrade of man-machine system , Scientific and technological elements have been qualitatively improved . And there are improvements in seats , Especially this wine red and black two-color shape , This is the embodiment of Lexus !

And the car is also equipped with a multimedia mobile screen in the back , Entertainment has also been comprehensively improved . motivation , The new generation of land patrol is changing 3.5T Twin turbocharging V6 The engine , Its maximum horsepower reaches 415 horsepower , The maximum torque is 650 cattle · rice . And equipped with full-time 4WD system as standard , Plus the design of Benshan's non load-bearing body , The performance has also been extended ! The problem is coming. , Such an excellent car , Will the price of millions become a hot money ? What do you think !

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