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The first batch of new "Maybach s480" arrived in Beijing, the terminal price was increased by 500000, and the interior was greatly changed

2021-08-26 21:56:39 Wei Xiaohua

We know , There are more than 70% All of Maybach eventually went to the Chinese market , As one can imagine , How important China is to this brand , It's officially the same , That's why the new Maybach put its first place in China . Just recently , This kind of 2022 The paragraph “ Maybach S480” Also officially arrived in China , Judging from the current channel quotation , The price increase of this car has become a foregone conclusion , The price increase is expected to be 50 All around , As an entry-level product of Maybach , Price increases are on the one hand , The whole advanced sense has also been comprehensively improved .


The new generation of Maybach is better in momentum , But the way expressed is obviously different from the previous generation models ! For example, the design concept of a new car should be more sporty , This is different from the new generation of Mercedes Benz S Consistent ! The front face is slightly more angular , But the internal vertical grid has not changed much . In terms of headlights, it keeps up with Mercedes Benz S Same design , It's a set of 130 Megapixel smart digital led headlight . Whether in the ordinary effect or after lighting , Can occupy an absolute advantage in the competition at the same level . The front is surrounded by a dimple on both sides , It can also show a strong sense of movement .

On the whole side , We can feel how exaggerated the body of this car is , The body length of the new car has reached 5477mm, Close to the level of five meters , Wheelbase reached 3369mm. Even an entry-level product of Maybach , The display on the whole aura is also perfect , Basically, only Maybach can reach this level . On the tail , New cars and new Mercedes Benz S It's not much different , But the difference can still be seen in its back enclosure , In particular, this segmented chrome plated package , The advanced feeling is obviously better than Mercedes Benz S!

  Interior decoration

A new generation of Maybach S480 Continued the latest Mercedes Benz S 's interior , And the interior upholstery of the two cars is the same . The through type display instrument is cancelled , Replaced with this dual instrument form , It's really an unacceptable fact for its old customers , But for new customers , This design , In fact, it is more in line with the current automobile development , After all “ Technology ” Is the main factor in the future . Because it's an entry-level product , So the steering wheel of this car is made of solid wood and leather . There are still obvious differences with the flagship version . In terms of instrument display , And the naked eye 3D According to the effect , But the front side hud Head up display still exists . Back row , Because the wheelbase is longer than that of the previous generation 18 centimeter , So the whole rear space is very flexible , Two business seats , And equipped with the boss key , It is also convenient for the adjustment of the whole vehicle system . Unfortunately, this one S480 There is no massage function in the rear seats , This is more or less a pity .


2022 Maybach S480 Carrying 3.0 L twin turbo V12 The engine , The maximum power reached 450 kw , The peak torque is coming 900 cattle · M torque , What matches it is brand new 9G-Tronic Transmission and 4MATIC All wheel drive system . At present, this car has officially arrived at the store , premium 50 Ten thousand is a foregone conclusion . I don't know about this new generation of Maybach S, What do you think differently !

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