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Cm Punk's first AEW peripheral T-shirt broke the highest sales record in 24 hours

2021-08-26 22:14:40 Oriental Information automobile

CM· The first punk AEW periphery T T-shirt break 24 Highest sales record in hours !

Wrestling online news , On Saturday 《AEW: Rage 》 In the program , Seven years apart , front WWE The champion CM· Punk officially announced its comeback , It has attracted the attention of many wrestling fans . And that night , Punk also brought his first AEW periphery T T-shirts appear .

Display according to data ,CM· Punk this T The shirt is broken AEW periphery 24 Highest sales record in hours . The record was previously broken during Sting's debut , After the “ Predor ” brody · After Lee's death , Broken again ……

WWE Roman · Raines responded to big cloth for the first time : He came to worship the tribal chief !

Wrestling online news , In yesterday's 《 Summer fury 2021》 On , Roman · Raines is beating John · Senna after ,“ Beast ” Bullock · Lesner returned to the challenge arena after a year , And confront the big dog .

Although they didn't start fighting in the end , But Dabu is in the non broadcast part , To John · Senna a critical hit . This also means that the target of the beast's return is very accurate , Is to take Roman's global championship ……

Today, Roman posted this sentence on his social media account : Obviously , They all came to worship the tribal chief ! And then with one and block · Pictures of lesner's confrontation .

CM· Punk return commemorative ice cream is stir fried on the Internet , One was sold ……

Wrestling online news , Last week, ,CM· Punk is 《AEW: Rage 》 High profile comeback in the program , And at the end of his speech, he spoke to the fans on the scene , He said he would invite every audience to eat ice cream . It is reported that , This is not Punk's big talk , Because every wrestling fan here did get a free one printed with CM· Punk return special logo commemorative ice cream .

For many wrestling fans , This may be a very commemorative collection , But ice cream really can't be preserved for a long time , But the outer packaging is still very commemorative .

According to foreign media reports , There is a scene of falling fans in a second-hand platform website , With 1000 dollar ( Renminbi equivalent 6500 element ) Sold an outer packaging bag of punk return commemorative ice cream , This is for an ice cream bag , It's really a sky high price ……

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