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Uncover how the water quality of Baiyangdian, the "kidney of North China", has reached the best level in ten years?

2021-08-26 22:18:57 Beijing daily client

Baiyangdian Lake in midsummer , rippling 、 Lotus red reed green , A lively scene .“30 Bass, which has not been seen for many years, now reappears in Baiyangdian .” This year, 57 Zhang Fuqing, a village cadre of XIAOZHANGZHUANG village in Anxin County, lived by Baiyangdian since childhood , He said , Bass have high requirements for water quality , Its reappearance proves that the water quality of Baiyangdian has improved .

4 Over the years , Hebei province insists on source control 、 Sewage interception 、 River regulation 、 Water replenishment at the same time , bring pollution under control 、 Repair 、 control flood 、 Waterlogging prevention , Overcome the difficult , Scientific strategy , Push... Strongly , Substantial work , Significant progress has been made in various work , The water quality in Dianqu district has been significantly improved .

Monitoring data shows , The water quality of Baiyangdian Lake is determined by 2018 Year of Ⅴ Class promoted to 2020 The whole world in Ⅳ class 、 Local Ⅲ class . This year, 5 month , Full coverage monitoring data display of Dianqu district , Chemical oxygen demand 、 Ammonia nitrogen 、 The concentrations of the three main pollutants of total phosphorus decreased respectively compared with the same period last year 7.38%、46.2% and 25.7%, The water quality in Dianqu district has reached the best level in ten years .

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Improve the ecological environment of the upstream basin

Baiyangdian is the largest wetland ecosystem in North China ,360 Square kilometers of Dian District , Yes 143 A lake and 3700 Multiple trenches , Ancient have “ North West Lake ” Known as the , Present “ The Pearl of North China ” The reputation of . these years , Due to the discharge of domestic sewage and industrial sewage in upstream cities and towns 、 The people's domestic sewage in Dianqu is directly discharged 、 The number of mechanical vessels in Dianqu increased , In addition, factors such as the reduction of ecological flow , The water quality of Baiyangdian Lake is deteriorating .2017 year 4 month 1 Japan , Xiong'an new area was established , Baiyangdian ecological environment treatment and protection battle started simultaneously .

Baiyangdian is located in “ The lower tip of the nine rivers ”, In the battle of Baiyangdian ecological environment treatment and protection , Improving the quality of ecological environment in the upper reaches of the river basin is the fundamental strategy .

Newly built sewage treatment plant in Baiyangdian basin 25 seat , The original 59 All sewage treatment plants have been upgraded , achieve 《 Discharge standard of water pollutants in Daqing River Basin 》; Complete the transformation of rainwater and sewage diversion in urban built-up areas in the river basin 923.6 km , The rainwater and sewage diversion capacity has been greatly improved . meanwhile , Comprehensively control agricultural and rural pollution . Adjust measures to local conditions 、 Sort out the strategies , Complete the construction around Baiyangdian and along the main rivers entering Baiyangdian 968 Domestic sewage treatment in a village . Set up chemical fertilizer and pesticide forbidden areas along the river and lake , Reduce agricultural non-point source pollution . All large-scale livestock and poultry farms are equipped with fecal sewage treatment facilities , The comprehensive utilization rate of feces and sewage reached 79% above . in addition , Vigorously control industrial pollution . Complete... In the basin 37 Construction of centralized sewage treatment facilities in industrial parks above the provincial level , Check and ban “ Scattered pollution ” Enterprises 3 More than ten thousand families , Keep dynamic clearing . Promote cleaner production audit of water related enterprises , Finish Brewing 、 Pharmaceutical and other six industries 301 Clean production transformation of a wading enterprise .

With the continuous reduction of pollution load into the river , The water quality of the Dianhe River in the upper reaches of Baiyangdian Lake has been improved by leaps and bounds .2017 Years ago, the water quality of rivers entering Dian was basically poor Ⅴ Class based , To 2020 year , The water quality of all sections in the basin reaches Ⅳ Class and above , Excellent proportion of national and provincial examination sections 90%, The water quality of the section entering the lake has reached Ⅲ—Ⅳ class , The best level since the monitoring record . This year, 1—7 month , Baiyangdian 4 A river with water flowing into the lake ,3 The water quality reaches Ⅲ Class above , Achieve continuous improvement .

Focus on four endogenous pollution problems

Zhao Xianwei, director of water ecological environment department of Hebei Provincial Department of ecological environment, introduced , Vigorously carry out upstream water environment treatment , While strictly controlling external pollution , Cumulative pollution of sediment in Jiaodian District, Hebei Province 、 Living pollution in native villages 、 There are four endogenous pollution problems: aquatic plant release pollution and tourism and shipping secondary pollution , Implement a series of strong measures and exploratory practice , Make every effort to prevent and control endogenous pollution .

Contaminated sediment will continuously release pollutants , Hebei Province has carried out ecological desilting on a pilot basis —— Take pumping to treat pond water 、 Clean and transport contaminated sediment 、 Remove the embankment and cofferdam 、 Comprehensive measures such as planting submerged plants , Promote ecological dredging in two phases 2.42 Square kilometers , Cumulative pumping and treatment of pond water 368 Thousands of cubic meters , Clean and transport contaminated sediment 87.2 Thousands of cubic meters , Remove the embankment and cofferdam 78 km , Plant submerged plants 280 Thousands of square meters , Water connectivity in Dianqu district 、 The hydrodynamic force is obviously enhanced , The concentration of pollutants such as chemical oxygen demand decreased significantly .

The domestic pollution of original villages into the lake is one of the important factors affecting the water quality of the lake area , Hebei province continues to strengthen rural pollution control in Dianqu district —— Focus on Dianzhong village 、 Dianbian Village “ One village, one policy ” Special treatment , Adopt construction dragon wall 、 Strengthen the control of non-point source pollution in typical villages by means of ecological isolation zone , Orderly isolated production 、 life 、 Ecological space . Yes 103 Gedianzhong village, dianbian village , Matching construction according to local conditions 115 A small sewage treatment facility , After the sewage treatment, all the sewage will be discharged outside the lake for comprehensive utilization .

Solve the reed 、 Water pollution caused by water and grass decay , Hebei Province scientifically promotes the treatment of aquatic plant pollution —— Establish a balanced harvesting mechanism of reed in Dianqu , Realize full resource 、 Harmless utilization , Timely salvage rotten aquatic plants , Effectively reduce endogenous pollution .

Control secondary pollution from tourism and shipping , Hebei Province has made great efforts to control tourism pollution —— Upgrade and transform Diandian district 133 Family fun , Build a kitchen waste collection and disposal system in the scenic spot , All tourist toilets are completed A Level standard transformation . Strengthen ship pollution control , Implement channel grid cleaning management , The original 1328 All fuel oil operating ships are repurchased and stopped , All new tourist ships use clean energy and are equipped with sewage and garbage collection and storage facilities .

Zhao Xianwei said , Monitoring data shows ,2020 year , The water quality in the central area of Baiyangdian Lake reaches Ⅳ class , among 4 Months is Ⅲ class , The COD concentration is 23.7 mg / l , Year-on-year decline in 9.51%, At the best level in ten years . This year, 1—7 month , The concentration of chemical oxygen demand in the central area of the lake decreased year-on-year 9.05%, near Ⅲ Class I water quality standard .

“ The kidney of North China ” Functionality is being restored

Baiyangdian has too much water 、 The water is clear , The water is getting bigger , The water ecosystem is gradually restored . In order to protect the aquatic biodiversity of Baiyangdian Lake , Hebei scientifically sets a fishing ban in Baiyangdian , Cumulative proliferation and release of aquatic biological seedlings 1.5 More than 100 million tails , It's not seen in Baiyangdian for many years 、 snakehead 、 GA fish and other species reappear .

The collection of waterfowl depicts the ecological beauty of Baiyangdian Lake ,2002 When Baiyangdian Wetland Reserve was established in , Wild birds are recorded 192 Kind of ; In recent years , By strengthening the ecological protection of Baiyangdian , Wild birds are increasing , Category record added to 214 Kind of .2020 The winter solstice of 2021 In the observation of spring , It is recorded that the great bustard, a key bird protected at the national level 48 only .

Baiyangdian ecological restoration and protection is a major systematic project , Hebei Province will adhere to high quality 、 High standards , Continue to vigorously promote various governance and protection measures , Focus on the core goal of Baiyangdian water quality improvement , Focus on water resources 、 Water ecology 、 Comprehensive improvement of water environment , Adhere to internal and external governance 、 Pay equal attention to cultivation and treatment 、 Anti exclusion simultaneously , Promote the whole basin 、 Upstream and downstream 、 Left and right banks 、 Collaborative governance inside and outside the lake , Give Way “ The Pearl of North China ” Replay the brilliance .

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