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Art review Dongmu: keep the clouds open and see the moon

2021-08-26 22:19:10 Red Net

Keep the clouds open until the moon shines

—— Read Mi Kaicheng's new oil painting

writing / Dongmu

“80 after ” Old artist Mi Kaicheng ,60 Graduated from the Art Department of Teachers College in the s , In the last century 60 College students of the s , Ming shunyanzheng, a graduate of the art department . In office for decades , First, the Cultural Museum , Then the factory club , After retirement, he became an art teacher for several years , A lifetime of art expertise , Marry others for decades , Tutored groups of art lovers , Just admitted to the Art Department of the University, many , It can be said that it burns itself like a candle , Illuminate others .

The age of an old man , Finally declined all invitations , Concentrate on creating works at home . Passion burning , Roam in the art ocean of light and shadow , His works are colorful , It's amazing . Especially several works during the epidemic , Full of praise for rural scenery and longing for a better life in the future , It makes people feel the surging passion of the old artist .

Refreshing 《 The garden 》: Winding paths lead to seclusion among green trees and red flowers , Green plants and trees stretch in the wind, and the fragrance is intoxicating , Idle flowers and wild grass can't show their charm, wild elegance and nobility , It's a “ Thousands of trees compete for freedom ” My garden .

Thrilling 《 terraces 》: The sun is shining brightly , Cascading terraces are like jumping staff , The quiet farmhouse is like hearing the chase of chickens and dogs , The spring is gurgling , Surrounded by green trees , In the golden glow , The earth is warm , Full of vitality , It's like a fairyland on earth .

Warm as a picture 《 home 》: The golden autumn is coming , The sun is warm . The tall evergreen tree , Dancing palm leaves , Children playing and chasing , A wandering old man …… All bathed in the sun , After the heat , Home is more warm .

Fairy tale 《 The forest 》: Lush trees , vibrant , Red, green, blue and yellow , Color interweaving , inosculate as a whole , Cannot be separated , A joy . This is the gift of nature , In the painter's pen , Both thick and colorful , Both complex and pure , The fragrance of trees , The change of color , Everything is so natural , Too wonderful for words .

Look at the four new works written by the old painter , It's like hearing Beethoven's 《 Ode to joy 》 And 《 Symphony of fate 》, Feel the passion and joy of the painter . The painter uses his own colorful brush , Weave a magical pattern of light and shadow . Shun Guang 、 Backlight 、 Toplight 、 Side light , Unrestrained , Exaggeration , with countless changes ; The scenery is thick , Rugged , afford much food for thought , It reminds people of the dreamlike beautiful fields written by Van Gogh . All scenery words are emotional words , Only those who love life very much , People who carefully observe the four seasons of nature , There will be such charming scenery in my pen .

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