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"Ai Gallery" participated in 2021 smart Expo

2021-08-26 22:19:23 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 22 - ( correspondent Yang Ye The intern Xu Li )2021 China International Intelligent Industry Expo ( hereinafter referred to as 2021 Smart Expo ) On 8 month 23 Japan —25 Held in Chongqing on the th , Tencent Youtu will bring a special AI Interaction , With everyone in “AI Gallery ” meet .

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Gallery , It's a collection 、 A place where works of art are displayed or sold . ad locum , People have close access to works of art , Feel the emotional world under the painter's brush .AI Gallery is a gallery through AI Inference framework ncnn To realize the interactive program of style migration case , The user only needs to take a picture in front of the screen , You can pass AI The algorithm automatically generates diversified style pictures , Experience the one click painter's AI charm .

ncnn As the first neural network forward computing framework optimized for mobile terminal in the industry , stay 2017 First open source in , It's the first time Tencent Youtu laboratory has made its research achievements of in-depth learning public . At present, it is mostly used in image , For example, portrait auto beautification 、 Stylize the photos 、 Super resolution 、 Object recognition and so on .

It can achieve no third party dependence , Cross platform , On the mobile phone end cpu Computing speed is at the leading level in the open source framework . Recently, it is in China CPU Godson and D1 A more comprehensive adaptation and performance optimization are carried out , Top speed up 70 times , We got through together AI Application and domestic production CPU Barriers between hardware .

Walk into “AI Gallery ”, All you need to do is take a frontal bust in the photo area , After previewing the shooting effect, if you don't think it is appropriate, you can also choose “ Remake ”, There is absolutely no need to worry about the public death scene of ugly photos .

With AI Technology research and application development ,AI No longer out of reach , But closer to people's daily life . More enterprises focus on computer vision , Focus on face recognition 、 Image recognition 、OCR Other fields , Made in industry 、 Medical application 、 Financial insurance 、 Research and implementation of multi industry scenarios such as entertainment and social networking , Give Way AI Better integrate into life , Create more interesting research and Applications .

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