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Strengthen "grid prevention and control" and build a solid epidemic situation in Hecheng to block the "Great Wall of the people"

2021-08-26 22:19:28 Red Net

“ Hello! ! I'm a member of the seventh micro grid in the community . This is a reminder of the epidemic prevention and control work in Hecheng District , Please take a look at it with your family ; in addition , Have your family been vaccinated ? If not vaccinated , Please vaccinate in time ; Wear a mask when you go out ……”

8 month 21 Saturday, Sunday , evening 8 spot , Li Xianhui, member of the Publicity Department of Hecheng district Party committee , Wear a party emblem on your chest , Wearing a red vest , Work with Huafeng community volunteers , In teacher Xinyuan community of Yingfeng Street 3 building 2 unit , Knock on a resident's door , Publicize the current epidemic prevention and control policies and ask about vaccination, etc .

Chengbei Street Railway Station community “ Executive mom ” Qian Zhou led the epidemic prevention and control

In the evening , Propaganda Department of the district Party committee 、 From the network information office of the district Party Committee 24 He is a party member and cadre , Build a residential community in pairs , With street cadres 、 Community workers 、 Community members 、 Volunteers and auxiliary police , Participate in epidemic prevention and control together “ Knock at the door ” action , Do a good job in the publicity of epidemic prevention and control policies 、 information gathering 、 Build micro grid group, etc , Make sure you don't miss one person per household .

Hecheng district gives full play to the advantages of grid management , Deeply integrate the epidemic prevention and control mechanism with the grid work system , Build a strong people's great wall of prevention and treatment , Try to control people 、 Service to people . Based on the implementation of micro grid management system in urban and rural areas , according to 15 The user is a micro grid , The whole district 128 A village ( Community )181197 Household 71 More than ten thousand residents make up 12087 A micro grid , Each grid is equipped with a party member or enthusiastic volunteer , implement “ Pocket tactics ”, Be responsible for epidemic prevention and control . At the same time, establish village groups 、 Community 、 community 、 Grid patrol , Make sure not to miss one household, one person and one car . Really ensure where Party members are , Where is the prevention and control team .

Liangtingao Township women's Federation publicized epidemic prevention and control knowledge in the market , Distribute masks to the masses 、 Take your temperature .

Hecheng is the main urban area of Huaihua , Convenient transportation 、 Large population mobility , The task of epidemic prevention and control is particularly arduous . The area is in accordance with “ External defense input 、 Internal nonproliferation ” General requirements for epidemic prevention work , The district adheres to the implementation of all-round 、 Stereoscopic 、 Gridding 、 The tightest Supervision , No blind spots , There is no dead end , Strictly control the spread of the epidemic . Start the village in an all-round way ( Community ) Prevention and control work , Give play to the fighting fortress role of grass-roots party organizations and the vanguard and exemplary role of Communist Party members , Shift the focus of work down to the community ( The village )、 Arrival 、 To people . Led by district level leaders of the joint point , Units directly under the cluster area 、 The street ( Township )、 Community ( The village )、 community ( Red ) Property 、 Residents and other forces , implement “ Grid management 、 Carpet inspection ” The way to , Focus on the community 、 Building 、 store , Make an article around the point , Control the surface with points , Do it on a lump sum basis , use “ Pocket tactics ” Strictly prevent the occurrence of epidemic situation . Wang Haitao, Secretary of the district Party committee 、 Acting district governor Zheng Mingming has repeatedly investigated the epidemic prevention and control work , It is required to fully implement “ Three don't two need one speed up ”, Effectively strengthen the control of personnel entering and leaving Hecheng , We will resolutely stop the spread of the epidemic , Make every effort to ensure the safety of people's lives, health and social stability .

“ A party branch is a fortress , A party member is a soldier charging at the forefront .” A joint party branch has been established throughout the region 5845 individual , Party member volunteer service team 130 the , Go deep into the village 、 Community front-line work , Set up vanguard posts for Party members in the front line of epidemic prevention and control 247 individual 、 Party members demonstration hillock 300 individual , Jointly launch 2 More than 10000 party members have been tempered and tested in the front line of epidemic prevention , among 4000 A number of cadres and workers , Take advantage of weekends and eight hour breaks , Volunteer in the community , Implement the responsibility of epidemic prevention and control , Participate in card point watch 、 Maintain the order of vaccination sites , In District 、 Township ( The street ) Under the unified command of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters, perform the epidemic prevention and control propagandists 、 Messenger 、 Supervisor 、 The counsellor 、 The waiter “ Five members ” duty , Zhimi epidemic prevention and control “ Red network ”.

The area is also in 5 A high-speed exit 、3 At the junction of national and provincial roads , To set up 8 individual “ Health service points ”. From the whole region 300 Party members and cadres are on duty in shifts ,24 Hours in strict accordance with “ One test, two tests and three inquiries ”( Check the temperature of drivers and passengers ; Check the communication travel code 、 Resident health code 、 Nucleic acid test certificate and ID card ; Ask for the route , And register ) requirement , Conduct a comprehensive inspection of passing vehicles , And in accordance with the 5 Classified disposal of cases .( Guo Fei Yang Zhonghua Chen Lin )

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