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Assisting Zhangjiajie, Li Cunyan's unique "homecoming"

2021-08-26 22:31:26 Red Net

According to the provincial arrangement , Li Cunyan was sent as an expert to Zhangjiajie shelter Laboratory for technical guidance .

Red net reporter Quan Jiangling reports

In Hunan Province, novel coronavirus pneumonia joint prevention and control mechanism and medical treatment group should be sent to Zhangjiajie provincial medical treatment expert group , There is an identity “ special ” 's team . She is a technical guidance expert sent by Hunan Province to Zhangjiajie shelter Laboratory , It's also my hometown “ Return home ” Help the wanderer , She is Li Cunyan of Hunan Provincial People's hospital .

2021 year 7 End of month , “ The delta ” The sudden arrival of the strain plunged Zhangjiajie into “ Quiet ”. At that time , Zhangjiajie has become the forward position and main battlefield of Hunan's related epidemic prevention and control . Li Cunyan, hundreds of kilometers away from Zhangjiajie, always pays attention to the epidemic situation in his hometown .

“ Zhangjiajie is my hometown , I can't just watch the fire from the shore , My hometown needs me , I hope I can do my part , Protect your hometown …… When you know you need assistance , I signed up for the first time , It's just that the Department is too busy , The idea of going to Zhangjiajie for support failed to come true .” Those days when Li Cunyan stuck to her post in Changsha , I always remember my hometown .

“8 month 3 Friday night , I am an expert of Zhangjiajie medical expert group assisted by Hunan Province ‘ Return home ’ Stop the epidemic , I was very excited .” Li Cunyan said .

But when she stood on the land of her hometown , The original excited mood has become mixed .“ It was a familiar and strange feeling , The bustling streets on weekdays 、 The alley has changed , Become strange 、 Empty , A lonely stray dog was lying in the middle of the road with his head down , This scene , How I want to shout in the familiar street ‘ I've come back ’, But there is no familiar local sound in my ear .”

Li Cunyan at work .

Li Cunyan's job is to stick to the shelter area every day , Supervise and inspect the nucleic acid detection quality of the cabin laboratory , Provide guidance on abnormal problems , Supervise the safety of the shelter inspection process 、 Run smoothly , It's normal for her to work until early in the morning .“ Just returned to Zhangjiajie a few days , Look at the number of newly confirmed cases every day , I often can't sleep , I dare not go to sleep , I'm very anxious .” Li Cunyan said , I'm anxious every day .

Li Cunyan and her comrades in arms fought together on the front line of anti epidemic .

Fortunately, the situation has changed rapidly , After the national medical team and the medical team of Zhangjiajie assisted by Hunan Province arrived , The medical staff quickly passed the running in period , With superb medical skills , make every effort to treat patients , Combined with in-depth research and scientific flow survey , Put forward many targeted guidance and suggestions for epidemic prevention and control in Zhangjiajie . Looks like it's been going on 7 Zero case growth in days , The community cases were continuous 7 The day is zero , Li Cunyan was very comforted :“ My comrades in arms devote themselves to the front line every day , They really paid a lot for my hometown , I am very grateful .”

“ My mother lives here , About a few hundred meters away from me .” Li Cunyan said , Even though it's close to home , But I can only look at the direction of home to solve Acacia .“ In order not to let mother worry about herself , I will tell my mother through wechat in my spare time ‘ report ’ situation .” however , More often it's the one who has 70 The - year-old mother comforted her daughter through wechat voice :“ Cun Yan , The epidemic situation in Zhangjiajie is so serious , You've all worked hard , Difficulties are temporary , We are very good at home , Eat and sleep , very healthy , Take care when you're on the front line , Take care of yourself ……” When I miss my mother , Li Cunyan opens the wechat voice record and listens again .

“ Unit leaders and colleagues call wechat from time to time to encourage and support me , Late night on duty can always receive her husband's spiritual chicken soup and spiritual energy , My son also cheered me on , And praised me ‘ retrograde ’ You look so nice , It makes me feel warm and moved .” With leadership 、 The full support of colleagues and family , Li Cunyan is in the shelter laboratory “ Battlefield ” More confident ,“ At present, the anti epidemic struggle in Zhangjiajie has reached a critical moment before dawn , I will complete the combat mission in a better working state , We will win the final victory in epidemic prevention and control . When the time comes , The three of us came back together to enjoy the beautiful scenery of our hometown 、 Accompany your old parents well .”

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