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Jingzhou: the mayor's hotline for thousands of miles of damaged goods resolves misunderstandings

2021-08-26 22:31:39 Red Net

“ Hello! , With your help , The outstanding freight has been received , Thank you very much !”8 month 21 Japan , The complainant, Mr. Zhou, thanked the staff of Feishan petition office in Quyang Town, Jingzhou County by telephone .

8 month 10 Japan , Mr. Zhou dialed 12345 The mayor's hotline complained : I'm a truck driver , Transport a truck of stones from Shandong to Jingzhou , And in 7 month 28 Daily arrival , And help the owner unload the goods , When settling the freight, the owner said that the wechat balance was not enough , Cash withdrawal needs to wait 20 About minutes , He left because he was in a hurry to deliver the goods , I found that there were still 3000 Yuan has not arrived , Then send wechat to the owner , The owner said he was short of money , I didn't say when to give , After dialing the owner's phone, I didn't answer , I hope to get the help of relevant departments .

After receiving the order , The staff of Feishan petition office contacted Mr. Zhou for information , And learned from Mr. Zhou that the telephone number of the consignor Mr. Zhao . By communicating with the shipper 、 Ship to 、 The transportation party shall contact with the third party , Understand the dispute overview : The buyer buys stone from Mr. Zhao, the shipper , The consignor, Mr. Zhou, transports from Shandong to Jingzhou, Hunan , The freight 11600 element , When arriving at Jingzhou for unloading, it was found that three pieces were damaged , At that time, the consignor was notified to reissue three yuan , However, none of the three parties stated who should bear the cost of reissued goods . After contacting the consignee , The consignee did not receive the complete goods , Found an excuse not to settle the freight , So that there was a misunderstanding . The staff of the petition office have contacted the three parties by telephone for many times , Reach a consensus : The consignor reissued the damaged three stones and entrusted the logistics company to collect the payment and freight for a total of 800 Yuan will be borne by the transporter, Mr. Zhou , The consignee will pay... After receiving the goods 2200 Yuan freight to the transporter, Mr. Zhou .

Feishan petition office contacted the logistics company and learned that , The replacement stone has arrived in Jingzhou , And notify the consignee in time ,19 The day the consignee has picked up the goods .

In recent years , Jingzhou hotline Office “ people-centered ” Thought , Take the initiative to act before the contradiction intensifies 、 Step in ahead of time , Adhere to laws and regulations 、 Seeking truth from facts 、 The principle of fairness , Put the interests of the people first , Resolve the problem in the early stage in time , Earnestly safeguard social harmony and stability .

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