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Hyundai Elantra n officially unveiled another masterpiece of Korean performance car

2021-08-26 22:38:42 Oriental Information automobile

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8 month 20 Japan , Modern Elantra N The model is officially released online , The new car is Elantra's high-performance model , The overall positioning is similar to Lingke 03+, It is designed for young people ( And rich ) High performance models built by consumers .

aesthetic , Although Elantra N It still maintains the overall shape of the ordinary model , But the design style is very different , The blackened front face, together with the sharp lamp set and the embellishment of red trim strip, has great visual impact , The side large sports wheels and red brake calipers are quite full and powerful , At the same time, the exterior rearview mirror has also been blackened .

The fixed rear wing is very eye-catching , The through lamp group has high recognition , And echo with the red trim below , There is also... At the lower right of the rear compartment “N” Word identification , The strong exhaust from two sides further increases the sense of movement , With the blessing of various kits, it can be seen at a glance that it is different from the ordinary Elantra .

Elantra N The interior of the car continues the overall layout of the ordinary model , But the car atmosphere is more sporty , The specific term , The new car is equipped with “N” Sports seat with logo , The red start button and shift paddle on the steering wheel are also quite eye-catching , And in order to show more extreme sports breath , The new car also uses a mechanical hand brake , Full of fighting style .

Of course, the power is the modern Elantra N The greatest essence , One new car 2.0T In-line four cylinder turbocharged engines , Maximum power is 280 horsepower , The driveline will match 6 Speed manual gearbox or 8 Fast wet double clutch gearbox . Another thing worth mentioning , Modern Elantra N Equipped with N Grin Shift (NGS) function , This function temporarily increases the pressure value of the engine , Enables the engine to provide additional fuel in a short time 10 horsepower , Does it sound passionate ?

summary : As a modern brand N Another new work in the series , Elantra N Once again, it shows Hyundai's persistence and persistence in performance vehicles , Although considering the narrow audience , The probability of new cars will not be introduced into the domestic market , But for such a charismatic fighting machine , Let's enjoy it quietly .

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