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Lingke 06 has added a "pink special edition" model

2021-08-26 22:38:52 Oriental Information automobile

In recent days, , Lingke automobile officially announced that , Led the g 06 Added a “ Pink Special Edition ” models , The new car combines pink and purple , This should be in line with the aesthetics of many female consumers . in addition , Led the g 06 PHEV The pure electric range will also increase to 84km( Previously, the pure electric range was 55km).

At present, Lingke 06 PHEV There is only one model on sale , The price after subsidy is 15.86 Ten thousand yuan , Equipped with a capacity of 11.3kWh The battery pack , The range of pure electricity is 55km, And the first owner enjoys unlimited years / Mileage battery pack warranty . Official name , The pure electric range of the car will increase to 84km. The engine part , It is expected that the car will continue to use cash models 1.5T Three cylinder engine .

in addition , This time, link 06 all-new “ Pink Special Edition ” The car body is mainly painted in pink , At the same time on the rim 、 The roof line and other parts make use of “ Wild berry purple ” Embellish , The visual effect is outstanding .

Lingke automobile said , Led the g 06 Since its launch, the proportion of female users has exceeded 45%, thus it can be seen , The new pink color is a quick response to the potential demands of users .

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