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Why is the oil in private gas stations cheaper? Will it hurt the car?

2021-08-26 22:41:23 Oriental Information automobile

Old drivers probably know a default rule when choosing a gas station , That is, generally, the oil price of private gas stations is relatively low , Even some private gas stations will wash and deliver things for free , It feels very cost-effective .

This is also the fundamental reason why many private gas stations can attract more customers ,

However, many car owners have doubts about this : Why do private gas stations have relatively low oil prices ? Can that be added or not ?

Today, little sister you will give a detailed and multifaceted answer to this question , I hope it can help you car owners greatly .

Why is the oil price of private gas stations still relatively low ?

1、 There are few intermediate links

Actually , Strictly speaking , The oil products of regular private gas stations are basically the same as those of large gas stations , After all, their purchase channels are the same ,

Basically, regular private gas stations can also purchase goods directly from oil companies subordinate to local refining enterprises , After purchase, it is directly sold at the gas station .

The reason for the difference in price , It's PetroChina 、 After Sinopec purchased from the local refining company , Must first be put into the oil depot of their own system , Then the gas station feeds oil from the oil depot , Then you can sell , That will increase the cost of oil depot and transportation .

In the process , Private gas stations can save oil depot fees 、 The freight 、 Labor cost, etc , The money saved , It can be used for price reduction, promotion or activities .

2、 Low operating costs

In addition to the above guarantee , The staffing of private gas stations is not as large as that of state-owned gas stations , And it is usually built in a slightly off location , Relatively small footprint , The operating costs are also much less than those of large state-owned gas stations .

Although the sparrow is small, it has five internal organs , Private gas stations are small , But it's more flexible .

It can basically realize zero inventory operation , If you see the right time, you can also store oil , Wait until the oil price rises , This profit is also very considerable .

Therefore, it can be promoted by reducing the price , Therefore, its price is relatively cheaper than that of PetroChina and Sinopec .

3、 Market competition

Private gas stations , In order to let more car owners go to refuel , Only on the premise of ensuring the quality of oil , Appropriately lower the oil price , To attract more customers .

Can you fill the gas in private gas stations ?

Actually , Regular private gas stations , Not wholesale from PetroChina or Sinopec , It was bought from the oil company subordinate to the local refining enterprise .

therefore , The oil quality of regular private gas stations from these two channels is relatively guaranteed .

Regular private gas stations , Their oil sources are subject to state supervision , The oil products of local refineries are also subject to strict supervision and examination by the state .

however , Fellow motorists, please pay attention to , In addition to regular private gas stations , Some private gas stations on the market may have problems with oil products , It's also known as “ Black heart gas station ”.

They want to reduce costs , Will use some poor quality oil , There are some unknown oil , Some are private oil refineries of black workshop .

What is more , And do some shady things , For example, adjust the fuel dispenser system with special technology , You added 50 In fact, only... Liters are added to the tank 48 l .

But don't worry too much , Such a black heart gas station is still easy to distinguish now , After all, now the government and consumers 、 Third party platform collaborative supervision , It's still very important .

Moreover, the operation strength of many black heart gas stations is generally poor , It can be seen from the decoration of the gas station , That kind of crap 、 It hasn't been decorated for many years 、 The grass is overgrown 、 Just a few gas stations , See this , Our car owners and friends took the initiative to stay away , Don't lose big things for small things

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