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Wuling Baojun's upward breakthrough is weak, and wechat has become the last position

2021-08-26 22:41:28 Oriental Information automobile

The two brands of SAIC GM Wuling Baojun are once star brands , As a special joint venture and independent brand, there are “ halo ” Can play the feeling card again , In theory, as long as the product force can keep up with , The car of this brand will certainly sell well ; However, the fact is that it backfired , In the second half of the year, the first phase of Baojun automobile fell across the board 、 Wuling motor also seems to be unable to stop the downward trend .

Reference data :

baojun SUV The model with the highest sales volume is 530, The result is 4671 car 、 fell 17.87%; The remaining vehicles are Baojun 510-1235 car 、RS-7 80 car 、RS-5 38 car 、RS-3 11 car , The result is only poor .

The highest sales volume of Baojun car is RC-5( Crossover models ), The result is 1114 car 、 fell 54.47%; The remaining vehicles are Baojun 630-336 car 、E100-330 car 、E300-106 car 、E200-4 car 、RC-6 3 car 、 baojun 310-2 car , Baojun brand has no hot selling cars .

MPV Models used to be the sales support of Wuling and Baojun , How are you doing now ? Agatsuma 17324 A Capgemini 6363 Che Baojun 730 609 Che Baojun RM-5 263 Che Baojun 360 26 car

Baojun has been completely defeated in this camp , Because the launch of Capgemini is accompanied by consumption upgrading , This car has some alternatives 630 It means ; And Baojun 360 Although the price of is lower , However, the price gap with Capgemini is not very large , So Wuling launched this car and destroyed Baojun's two cars . But Capgemini's performance is not as high as expected .

Wuling Hongguang used to sell 50000 or 60000 units a month , All the way down to the lowest, below 10000 units ; And the sales volume of this car integrates several other vans , Hongguang is no longer what “ God car ”.

However, the reason for the decline in Hongguang's sales is not only the lack of product power , The van became “ Mixed loading of passengers and goods ” It is also an important factor for the vehicle type to be strictly investigated , It can be said that vans are destined to be eliminated ; Instead, it must be a micro card or pickup truck , But the pickup truck launched by Wuling is a load-bearing body ( Be commonly called “ No girder ”) A modified van , Poor competitiveness is also an inevitable result .

“ Rush high ” It's a wrong strategy , Wuling Baojun lacks the strength to break through !

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