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What is the competitiveness of Lexus es in the high-end market?

2021-08-26 22:57:13 Car observer

“ Everyone who knows cars has gone to buy Lexus ”, This sentence is not out of the mouth , But many consumers do recognize Lexus's product power and after-sales service , It is the existence of industry benchmark . Most of Lexus's target users are industry elites , They pursue refinement 、 comfortable 、 Quiet , There are only a few luxury car brands with these characteristics . lexus ES It is the representative work of Lexus brand , since ES Since the birth of , The cumulative sales of this model in the world have exceeded 265 Ten thousand units , The models built by profound brand accumulation are bound to be recognized by consumers . On 8 month 16 The new Lexus launched on the th ES The official price is 29.49-48.89 Ten thousand yuan , Introduction ES 200、ES 260 and ES 300h Three power versions , Ten models in total .

The appearance and interior upholstery are all new

Although the launch of the new Lexus ES There are no earth shaking changes in design , However, the appearance and interior upholstery have been upgraded to varying degrees . new ES On the whole, the front face continues the Lexus family design , Spindle shaped , And adopted by many L Mesh design composed of type parts ; Compact matrix LED High and low beam headlights , More powerful ; Sharp outline and strong line directivity , At the same time, it also makes the whole front face more sharp , Better coordination .

The big change in the side of the body is the hub part ,17 Inch wheels are more sporty , The end of the spoke is designed to be thicker .18 Inch hub with multi axle spoke design , The two colors are in sharp contrast , More eye-catching .F SPORT The version uses 19 Inch bright face blackened hub , Enhanced the advanced texture and sporty smell of the whole vehicle .

new ES In addition to the appearance upgrade , The change of interior decoration is quite profound , It follows “ people oriented ” Design concept . The engineer will new ES The distance between the display screen and the driver is shortened by about 100 mm , At the same time, it tilts about 5〫, Easier to operate , Bring consumers a more perfect driving experience . It is worth mentioning that , new ES The interior color matching of the has newly introduced Qiushan chestnut and chapper Brown , More fresh ; Natural and elegant walnut color and ink dyed walnut color trim panels also perfectly set off the elegant atmosphere in the car .

Comfort and safety upgrade

In addition to the exquisite sense of design , new ES The driving quality is also greatly improved . Different from other luxury brands, they blindly pursue advanced technology , The great advantage of Lexus model is excellent comfort and stability . The creation of good product force needs to keep improving , For more precise handling , new ES The support rigidity of the rear suspension is strengthened , The stability of the vehicle during driving is improved , Make driving easier .

new ES 300h Pick up the 2.5L Atkinson cycle engine , matching E-CVT Hybrid system of transmission and Ni MH battery pack , The power system has high response ability , And it has good fuel economy , 100km fuel consumption only 4.8L. This is new ES The absolute strength of the model , It is also an important factor in its booming market .

The safety of daily travel is of great significance . The new car is equipped with Lexus intelligent safety system LSS+, The system includes intelligent lane tracking system LTA、 Pre crash safety system PCS、 Adaptive cruise system ACC And other intelligent security functions have been upgraded accordingly , Provide more comprehensive safety guarantee for the driving process .


The production of Lexus models has greatly affected its sales , Due to the large number of fans , So the price has been strong , But it does not hinder the continuous improvement of the sales situation ; High hedging rate is the absolute advantage of Lexus models ; The unique product power is ES An important reason why our firm market position has not been shaken . There is reason to believe that the advanced new ES With a high face 、 comfortable 、 Strong handling and low energy consumption compete with luxury models of the same level .

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