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Who do you choose for Hongqi H9 and Guinness g80

2021-08-26 22:57:17 Car observer

The red flag H9 And Janice Seth G80 Are the latest hot models . The common feature of the two is that the design is more distinctive , Red flag is the representative of independent luxury brands , It is a brand that everyone will respect when they hear its name , It is the feelings and memories in people's mind ,H9 It is the flagship model of the Red Flag brand , It represents the high manufacturing level of Hongqi automobile . Janice Seth is a high-end brand of Hyundai Motor , This year 4 In June, it officially entered the Chinese market , At present, the models on sale in China include Guinness Seth G80 And Janice Seth GV80.

In terms of brand strength , The red flag is almost a total victory , Rich historical details are irreplaceable in the eyes of domestic consumers . And geneseth is still unfamiliar to domestic consumers , And it's a luxury brand , The audience is not large . So this time I will mainly introduce the red flag H9 And Janice Seth G80 Characteristics of our products .

The red flag H9

Official guided price :30.98-53.98 Ten thousand yuan

The red flag H9 In terms of design features, it can be said that it has been very successful , It is the masterpiece of the Red Flag brand . The design language of the product is clear , Modeling design has strong brand characteristics , It reflects the high integration of Chinese traditional culture and modern science and technology . The red flag H9 The posture of the whole car body is still quite dignified , This is also the characteristic of Hongqi brand .

The most distinctive features of the front face are the straight waterfall front grille and welcome lighting system , The lamp belt extends from the middle to the headlights on both sides , Show the beauty of fluency . The interior details are also excellent , The seat seams are neat , The central axis layout surrounded by the whole cabin is adopted , Match with dreamy light atmosphere lamp , The quality has been greatly improved , The whole cockpit gives people the feeling of atmosphere and elegance .

The red flag H9 The whole series is front and rear drive type , And there are two power options , Respectively 2.0T+48V Light mixing system and 3.0T. among 2.0T+48V The maximum power of light mixing system is 185kW, Maximum torque 380N·m;3.0T Maximum power of supercharged engine 208kW, Maximum torque 400N·m. Both match 7 Wet double clutch gearbox . It is worth mentioning that , The red flag H9 Medium and high configuration models are also equipped with HUD Head up digital display , The rear seats are heated 、 Ventilation and massage functions , And support before and after 、 backrest 、 Leg rest electric adjustment , Compared with some joint venture models, the rear seat configuration is higher , Better comfort .

Janice Seth G80

Official guided price :36.28-45.38 Ten thousand yuan

Guinness Seth is positioned as a medium and large luxury car , The tone of the design is dynamic and elegant . The design style of the front face mainly comes from the Guinness Seth logo , Build up “ The emblem of the brave ” Grating and “ Wings of inspiration ”LED Automative lighting , Unique ; The body side lines are simple and smooth ; The shape of the tail lamp echoes the design of the headlight , Strong identification .

Janice Seth G80 Our seats are full grain NAPPA Genuine leather , The center console is decorated with solid wood , With the line design of transverse penetration , Make the line of sight wider .

G80 All models are equipped with 2.5T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 223kW, Maximum torque 422N·m, matching 8 Self - contained gearbox . Security configuration , In addition to the front and rear six airbags of ordinary models , Knee airbag, front middle airbag and vehicle side blind area image are also added . Besides , Janice Seth G80 Equipped with electromagnetic induction suspension , The soft and hard of the suspension can be adjusted .


One is an independent luxury brand model with feelings and identity symbols , The other is the newly arrived Korean high-end brand models , The product power of both has a good performance , They are also excellent in creating a sense of luxury . But the red flag car series matrix is more perfect 、 Strong brand strength 、 Higher consumer acceptance ; Guinness Seth will also have target users with similar interests . I believe the red flag that will soon be on the market H9 And Janice Seth G80 Will shine and heat in their own position .

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