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Information, rotor and new energy in one step? Mazda may develop hydrogen fueled rotor engine

2021-08-26 23:41:30 Oriental Information automobile

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[ Understand the original car Emperor industry ] Mazda may never give up its obsession with the rotor engine . When the era of electrification comes , Mazda launched the first pure electric vehicle , When people think Mazda is about to compromise with new energy vehicles , The Japanese car company once again put forward a bold idea .

Mazda has even started producing pure electric vehicles .

According to foreign media reports , Mazda is developing a rotor engine that burns hydrogen fuel , Used to RX-8 The next generation of models to provide power . in other words , This time Mazda is going to combine the rotor engine and new energy vehicles , One step in place !

at present , The engine is still in its infancy , But this solution has several technical advantages . One of the weaknesses of hydrogen is , It is possible to catch fire at a hot spot in the cylinder , But there are no hot spots in the rotor engine , Because it uses a rotor , Not the piston , So it's very suitable for burning hydrogen .

Rotor engine may be another solution combined with hydrogen fuel ?

For this technology , Burning hydrogen is not common , Most car manufacturers use this fuel to generate electricity , One or more motors are then driven electrically . Of course , This is not unprecedented . Mazda is in 2000 I've tested RX-8, Its engine can use gasoline or hydrogen . however , The system occupies the whole trunk , And the weight 200 kg .

at present , There is no information on which model the new rotor engine will be used . But according to foreign media , One possibility is RX-Vision Concept Coupe , This model may be listed as a hybrid vehicle with a pair of in wheel motors . If it looks close 2015 Concept car , without doubt , Fans will welcome it as RX-8 Successor .

RX-Vision The concept coupe will be equipped with a hydrogen fueled rotor engine ?

An anonymous person in charge of Mazda said :“ If we decide to do this , Hydrogen fueled rotor engines may be completed within three years , But the most likely combination is an electric turbine system .” The industry also analyzes , The engine itself is not difficult , But make a compelling business case , It's much more difficult . Final , Whether the project is licensed for production , It depends on the development cost , And the number of people buying vehicles .

Mazda has not commented on the report , The future of its rotor engine is still in a vague state .

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