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What are the advantages of the "new three power" carried by zeekr 001?

2021-08-26 23:41:58 Oriental Information automobile

【 Introduction : as everyone knows , For pure electric vehicles , The battery 、 The motor 、 Electronic control is the core technology system , Directly affect the performance of the vehicle , It is also the time for consumers to buy pure electric vehicles , One of the most considered technical factors . At the same time, any new pure electric vehicle , Want to grab a certain share in the current market , It also needs to have outstanding three electricity technology . As the first model of Geely's high-end new energy vehicle brand, jikrypton ,ZEEKR 001 I know this well . It is reported that , Krypton official claims ,ZEEKR 001 With far more stringent standards than the national standard, it creates the ultimate safety 、 Extremely efficient “ Xinsandian ” System , And this set of “ Xinsandian ” Will the system awesome as expected? ?】

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8 month 19 Japan ,“ Hardcore —— Journey of krypton three electricity technology ” The event was held as scheduled , Many media friends have a comprehensive and full understanding of it ZEEKR 001 Of “ Xinsandian ” System technology . Need to know , Three electricity safety is the core of new energy vehicle technology research and development , It is also one of the biggest selling points of new energy vehicles . And if a medium and high-end new energy vehicle does not have superior three electricity safety system , Then there must be no way to win in a crowd of models . therefore , Located in the luxury hunting sedan ZEEKR 001 It can be said that we have made great efforts in the safety of three electricity , In order to stand out among many medium and high-end new energy models . that , Boasting the ultimate safety ZEEKR 001, Can it make waves in the field of medium and high-end new energy vehicles ?

“ Electric core - Battery pack - Vehicle ”, System wide protection

According to the information released so far ,ZEEKR 001 Not only through technical upgrading and combined with advanced battery management system to ensure the battery quality 、 Battery pack safety , It also creates a high-strength body with the global super five-star safety standard , It did “ No heat spread in the ”、“ Don't be afraid of bumping ” System wide safety hardware strength of the whole vehicle .

First ,ZEEKR 001 Of “ Xinsandian ” System , It has experienced rigorous tests far exceeding the national standard , Test projects as many as 472 term !48 Hours of immersion 、 Rigorous tests such as heating and thermal diffusion , It's not right ZEEKR 001 Of “ Xinsandian ” How much impact does the system have . meanwhile ,ZEEKR 001“ Pole core ” The battery pack adopts high-voltage single crystal battery with high energy density and thermal stability safety Ni55+ Electric core , The thermal stability of the cell is improved from the material level , Plus NTP No heat spread technology , Sufficient to achieve multi-layer insulation 、 Barrier free heat removal 、 Implement prevention and control 、 Automatic warning 、 Active cooling 、 Millisecond power failure , More secure .

Then ,ZEEKR 001 It has a high-strength body built according to the global super five-star safety standard , Its comprehensive stiffness reaches 40000N·m/deg! The body also has 15 Column side impact 、 just 45º Wheel release force , positive 25% Label safety technologies such as offset collision , It is as firm as a rock , Enough to make ZEEKR 001 Become the of users' travel “ Safety guard ”.

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