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Polar Star 3 will be put into operation in 2022, positioning medium and large SUV benchmarking model X

2021-08-26 23:46:45 Oriental Information automobile

Volvo brand has been following the simple style , And its Jixing brings its minimalist style to the extreme , In the recently , Overseas media exposed a group of polar stars 3 The rendering of , according to the understanding of , polestar 3 It is the third model of Jixing , The positioning is medium and large SUV, Personally, I think Jixing is really brave , Many car companies are developing compact SUV When , The third model of Jixing is directly medium and large SUV 了 . According to plan , polestar 3 It's expected to be in 2022 It was put into operation at Volvo Chengdu plant in the first half of the year .

According to reliable sources , polestar 3 Will be based on Volvo SPA 2 Large and medium-sized platforms , Comparable to Volvo in size XC90, The body length has exceeded 5 rice , From the rendering of this exposure , polestar 3 The appearance design of is the latest design language of Jixing family , The whole is similar to Volvo , But on the basis of Volvo “ Subtraction ”, Separate type LED headlight , Yes, it will “ quake ” Decomposed , The proportion of the upper high and low beam group is very small , Create a delicate and sporty visual effect .

motivation , polestar 3 It is expected to be equipped with dual motor drive , Can output up to 410 Maximum power of kilowatts , It takes only 4 second . Endurance , Fitted with a capacity of about 150-200 Kilowatt hour high density battery pack , stay WLTP The maximum endurance mileage under working conditions reaches 800 km . Besides , polestar 3 It will also carry a full range of L3 Class a autonomous driving technology , And the latest generation of car machine system based on Android cars .

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