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Kia yipao is a joint venture small SUV with high cost performance

2021-08-26 23:46:47 Oriental Information automobile

all-new Dongfeng Yueda Kia Yi run positioning small SUV, small SUV Our markets are relatively small , There are still a lot of products of this car, like small SUV Ruihu, the No. 1 seller in the sales list 3、 vision X3, The consumer groups of these cars are generally under budget and need a car to replace them . Kia Yi run as a small SUV And all models are within 100000 , This is a joint venture brand model , Generally speaking, I want one 10 Within ten thousand SUV Basically, there are only domestic brands , Yipao occupies a position of the joint venture brand , But because Kia's brand power is very low, sales are very small , Kia Yi Ran with 1.4L The engine is also more suitable for small engines SUV Characteristics .

At first glance, Kia Yi run looks more like a hatchback , The body size of this car is an entry-level small car SUV Especially the height is relatively low , The interior space is quite cramped .

Kia yipao has a low positioning and is still a joint venture model, so we can't expect too much in terms of interior decoration , Although there is no sense of science and technology, some Silver Chrome decorative strips have improved some grades .

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