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When the new Volkswagen CC real car arrives at the store, it looks like a sedan, the interior is luxurious, and the terminal price is going to be exposed

2021-08-26 23:46:51 Oriental Information automobile

With the continuous development of the automobile market , Major automobile manufacturers are constantly improving their competitive advantages , In the face of the rapid rise of domestic cars , Joint venture vehicles have to speed up the pace of automobile research and development . Today's auto market , It is no longer the world of joint venture cars , Domestic cars have had a great impact on joint venture cars in recent years , Joint venture cars can only be upgraded and evolved . And the public CC It also launched a new model , There's absolutely nothing wrong with the shape , Recently, a netizen came across a new black Volkswagen CC. The appearance is like a sedan, and the interior is luxurious .

From a real car , New public CC Comprehensive upgrade of appearance , The slender air intake grille is wrapped in chrome trim , The size of the whole air inlet grille is relatively large , And connected with the air inlet grille , The headlights of the new car are quite aggressive , The hood is also decorated with straight and inclined lines , A strong sense of hierarchy , The front air port of the new car is a penetrating style , The bottom of the air inlet is also decorated with bold silver trim , High overall appearance value breaks through the sky .

Straight and strong body lines run through the whole body , Make the body look more slender and stretch , In order to increase the public CC Sports breath , Frameless doors are also retained , Car body , Large size double width sports hub , Blackened tail lights and other peripheral configurations . In terms of body size, the length is 4862mm, Relieved 1871mm, High for 1427mm The wheelbase has reached 2841mm, This size is compared with the same level BBA In terms of models, it should be more in line with consumers' demand for space , it 2841mm The wheelbase also ensures that the rear passengers can get a comfortable riding space .

New public CC The interior upholstery is quite simple , The colors of black and beige are more atmospheric , The air-conditioning outlet of the center console is quite slender , The quartz clock is a highlight of Volkswagen models , The size of the embedded central control screen is relatively large , The three spoke multi-function steering wheel is also quite atmospheric , The configuration of the new car will also be very perfect .

motivation : Equipped with two different tuned 2.0T Engine options , The maximum power of the high-power version is 220 horsepower (162 kw ), The maximum power of the low-power version is 186 horsepower (137 kw ). Transmission in , Will match 7 speed DSG Double clutch gearbox . The power output is still quite strong . Because the new car is not officially on the market , So some car owners who have already delivered the car have only paid part of the deposit , Make up the price difference after the new car is on the market , The estimated starting price of a new car should be the same as that of the current model ,25.28 The starting price of 10000 yuan is still close to the people .

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