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Tianyuan District: citizens develop good habits of epidemic prevention civilization

2021-08-27 00:20:08 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Kuang kunhong ) Use public spoons and chopsticks for meals 、“ one metre line ”、 Wear a mask …… life 、 Work is on track , The epidemic prevention and control measures in Tianyuan District have not been relaxed , Many citizens have formed the good habit of epidemic prevention civilization .

The more you use the chopsticks and spoons, the more you get used to them

“ Please eat with chopsticks and spoons .” When citizens eat out , I hear such words more and more often . Since the resumption of hall food in the catering industry , The concept of civilized dining has become more and more popular , The concept of using public chopsticks and spoons is being accepted by more and more citizens .

In recent days , When visiting some restaurants, the reporter noticed , Many restaurants have posted “ Use chopsticks and spoon Civilized and healthy eating ” Such as slogans or posters . Some restaurants , The waiter will provide customers with public chopsticks and spoons in time , It is convenient for customers to share their meals .

“ Now it has become a habit to use chopsticks and spoons when dining out .” The reporter interviewed a number of citizens at random , Most of the citizens approve of the serving of individual dishes :“ Although using public chopsticks and spoons is more troublesome than a pair of chopsticks , But eating healthy is more important than anything .” Some citizens also said , It's easier to forget to use public chopsticks and spoons when eating with your family ,“ The family basically eat together every day , More relaxed , I often forget about sharing meals .” Citizen Mr. He said .

“ One meter distance ” Be normal

“ Because I love you , One meter away from you ”“‘ Civilization one meter ’ Is the best way to love you ”…… Under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control , Keep a safe distance of more than one meter without any relaxation .

At the entrance of the pre inspection and triage Office of Taishan Street Community Health Service Center , There are staff to check the health code and take the temperature , There are posters at the entrance and in the hall “ Always wear a mask 、 Show your health code 、 Line up in an orderly manner with a distance of more than one meter ” And so on .

At the payment office on the first floor of the center , Reporters found , There are three red on the ground with “ please wait behind the one meter line ” An eye-catching sign . When citizens queue up at the window to handle payment and other services , Will step on “ One meter spacing line ” To keep a safe distance , And there is a certain distance between each team .“ Everyone is very conscious , In some places, there is no one meter spacing line , We will also keep a safe distance from each other .” Citizen Ms. Wang said .

Shopping in shopping malls and other public places 、 When eating in the hall , Keep a social distance of more than one meter , It is also the key to prevention and control .8 month 18 Noon , In Meidi Times Square , The reporter sees , There are posters at the door of some restaurants “ The shop has been disinfected 、 The clerk has checked the temperature 、 Eat at intervals ” Etc . Some citizens are sitting on chairs outside the restaurant waiting for call in , Some citizens lined up in front of the beverage store to pay .

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