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Zhuzhou high tech Zone: the "password" for enterprise production prosperity

2021-08-27 00:20:23 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Wang Na ) In recent days, , Hunan great wall 、 Meggitt and the two companies released the former 7 Month's industrial growth value , The growth rates are 127.1% and 32.1%. Such an exciting situation , It seems that by chance , In fact, it is inevitable .

Represented by the great wall of Hunan and megmit , Since the development of the epidemic , Zhuzhou high tech Zone 228 The enterprise produced normally during the epidemic , Orders increase instead of decrease , Behind this “ password ” What is it? ?

Password one : The courage to bear 、 Forward looking It is the source of confidence in the region's high-quality economic development

In recent days, , In Hunan great wall intelligent manufacturing workshop , A new batch of orders is in production , About to deliver . In the face of the spread of the epidemic 、 Difficult transportation of raw materials and other multiple tests , Hunan great wall employees stick to their posts , While doing a good job in enterprise epidemic prevention measures , Strengthen liaison and connection , Ensure the completion of production and operation tasks .

In megmit's workshop , Intelligent production has become the norm , Multiple production lines running at the same time , The workers wear masks , Take advantage of the golden period of production , Make a batch of controllers for air conditioners sold overseas .

Action is speeding up , The results are more gratifying . front 7 Months , The industrial output value of Zhuzhou high tech Zone increased year-on-year 22.2%.

Since the outbreak , Zhuzhou high tech Zone fully implements the provincial Party committee 、 Provincial government and municipal Party committee 、 The work requirements of the municipal government , Control the epidemic situation with one hand , Pay attention to economic and social development , Strive to achieve new breakthroughs in high-quality economic and social development in the new area .

Speaking of high-tech zones , I think of industry , Industry is also proud of , And the foothold of the industry , It's the enterprise .

8 month 12 solstice 13 Japan , Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Zhuzhou high tech Zone , Secretary of Tianyuan District Party committee 、 Second level inspector Wu Lingyun used 2 Days time , Research. 17 companies ,21 Production bases . Let's go all the way 、 All the way , Check the situation 、 Talk about problems 、 Talk about development , Coordinate epidemic prevention and control 、 Production, operation and project construction , Let enterprises and entrepreneurs eat “ ' ”. This confidence comes from the region's solid measures to make the epidemic preventable and controllable , From the accumulation of Industrial Heritage ; This is a clear signal , The idea of grasping economic development in the whole region is as firm as a rock .

Industrial economy takes the lead . The government and enterprises work together to open up the logistics chain 、 Supply chain , Release the vitality of the enterprise ; Investment attraction and project construction are still hot as usual .

With the confidence and support from the party and the government , The development of enterprises is naturally not bound . Before this year 7 Months , There are enterprises in Zhuzhou high tech Zone whose cumulative output value has achieved positive growth 148 home , More than the same period last year 62 home .

Huang Yingfeng, deputy general manager of Hunan great wall, told reporters , First half of this year , The accumulated computer output of the enterprise has reached 185 Ten thousand units , Overall revenue growth 255%, Profit growth 209%, And overseas sales are also overwhelming : front 6 Months , The export business of Hunan great wall increased year-on-year 415%.

Password two : The thickness of the industry 、 The confidence of the enterprise It is the foundation of the region's high-quality economic development

In recent days, , New materials of the times “ Construction of large-scale wind power blade digital chemical plant ” National intelligent manufacturing new mode application project , Officially passed the acceptance . It also means that , The company installed a model for a large wind turbine blade manufacturing plant “ Most brain ”.

“ Most brain ” The blessing , Times new material wind power blade factory reduces costs 28.65%.

From the digital transformation of this enterprise , Then we can see that the enterprise produces efficient “ password ”. Zhuzhou high tech Zone has consistently and actively promoted the high-quality development of manufacturing industry ,“ Intelligent manufacturing ” It has become a sharp tool for enterprises to resist risks .

This year, , Zhuzhou high tech Zone firmly adheres to the concept of industrial development “ gap ”, Vigorously implement “ Three high and four new ” strategic , Further improve “ focusing 、 fission 、 innovation 、 upgrade 、 brand ” article , grasp “ Create a dynamic and high-tech environment , Build modern Tianyuan ” Development theme , Highlight industrial development 、 Innovation driven 、 Three keys to reform and opening up , Continue to carry out “ Build a chain 、 Strong chain 、 Complement chain 、 Elongated chain ” action , Support new energy vehicles 、 Advantageous industrial clusters such as new materials accelerate the integration of resources 、 Expand the market 、 Improve the supporting facilities , Continuously improve the competitiveness and market share of the cluster ; Support the new generation of information technology 、 Strategic industrial clusters such as new energy equipment seize the first opportunity , Injected a steady stream of “ New kinetic energy ”.

before , Wu Lingyun investigates enterprises , One of the key points , Is to explore the development and innovation of enterprises under the epidemic .

Wind power division of CRRC Zhuzhou Institute , Last year, the output value exceeded... For the first time 100 One hundred million yuan , It has effectively driven the development of local supporting industrial chain . Enterprise investment 7000 A big data command platform independently developed and constructed by more than 10000 yuan , It can monitor the operation of 10000 typhoon generators on the whole network in real time , Improved the after-sales service management level , Highly recognized by customers .

In Hunan great wall intelligent manufacturing workshop , The production line has been by 2019 Year of 1 The production line is increased to the current 3 An independent safe intelligent manufacturing line 、5 An intelligent hardware production line . Unlike ordinary computer factories , In this workshop , As many as 19 This process is undertaken by the robot , Enterprises realize the improvement of production efficiency 26.8%, Lower operating costs 21.33%, The product development cycle is shortened 30.8%. Only the first half of the year , The enterprise laptop 、 Tablet computers and other intelligent hardware businesses have received orders for nearly 20 One hundred million yuan .

New materials industry —— Zhuzhou high tech Zone is another advantageous industry rising in recent years . Dale new material, a diamond line manufacturer capable of cutting hard materials such as sapphire ; Shixin new material, the first successful R & D of carbon ceramic materials in China ; Break the foreign influence on SiC Coated graphite base plate monopolized by Dezhi new material …… The future of these new materials “ The unicorn ”“ Single champion ” Enterprises , Even more will be “ Intelligent manufacturing ” Embedded in the development factors of enterprises .

Password three : Efficient service 、 Warm environment It is the strength of the region's high-quality economic development

Let's go back to this set of numbers , front 7 Months , The number of enterprises with positive growth in output value in Zhuzhou high tech Zone reached 148 home .

And behind these increases , Corporate profitability 、 Labor demand 、 Many key indicators such as product order quantity are increasing , The signs of improvement are becoming more and more obvious .

The confidence of entrepreneurs comes from the improvement of the economic environment , It also comes from the improvement of the business environment .

This year, , Zhuzhou high tech Zone makes concerted efforts to build “ Business environment optimization year ”, By building a business environment “ Highland ”, Become a tool to reduce business costs “ depression ”, Invoke... With a strong policy , Deliver support for project construction 、 The sincerity of enterprise growth , So as to bring industrial agglomeration and growth .

“ Stick to it when it's difficult 、 Tenacity is the most important . Now the government has introduced many practical and effective measures , In addition, Zhuzhou has a good business environment 、 Talent reserve , We are full of confidence in the future development .”

“ Because of the escalation of epidemic prevention and control , Many vehicles transporting construction materials from other places have encountered resistance when entering the construction site , Is that possible ?” After learning the situation , The District Construction Bureau immediately organized a special meeting , And solve it in time .

Megmit's demand for production space , The demand for the implementation of the project of the new material innovation center of the times …… These problems encountered in the development of enterprises , The relevant departments of the whole region also go all out , Solve the problem .

Relevant equipment of German ground pile project is entering the site one after another , Construction is ready . This year, 2 month , Germany Krinner The company entered Zhuzhou high tech Zone to develop its business . The project is planned to invest 2.5 One hundred million yuan , Let the only production base in Asia settle in Zhuzhou high tech Zone , Jointly promote the German ground pile project ACS Zhuzhou production base project , And expand cooperation and exchanges in more fields .

unable “ Face to face ”, Zhuzhou high tech Zone will expand the communication to online , adopt “ Screen to screen ” Closely follow up the latest progress of the project , Many problems during the commencement of the project have been solved .

Wu Lingyun once pointed out that , Zhuzhou high tech Zone will work with enterprises , Forward docking 、 Effectively reduce the burden and bail out for enterprises 、 Provide quality service 、 Create a good environment , Use our “ Hard work index ” In exchange for the “ Happiness index ”, Help enterprises become bigger and stronger , For the new area “ Three high and four new ” Strategy provides strong support .

these , It is the advantage and strength of Zhuzhou high tech Zone to win the big test step by step .

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