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Lingling: do a good job in "micro practical things" and serve the people's livelihood

2021-08-27 00:23:00 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Yang Wanli Tang Juncheng ) recently , I walked into xiaoxiangmen community, Xujiajing street, Lingling district , See osmanthus 、 Camphor tree 、 Ginkgo and other trees are covered with green shade , The turf is green , The fence is colorful , The fitness equipment and children's slide are arranged neatly , It's like being in a small oasis , Cool and pleasant .“ This new little garden , Brought us joy .” Aunt he Genli, a resident of the community, said with a smile .

Xiaoxiangmen community small garden is located on the hillside , There used to be only a few dilapidated buildings here 、 Dilapidated houses of uninhabited residents . Surrounding residents have asked for the transformation of the old houses here . Earlier this year, , Lingling District civilized city establishment office, together with relevant departments, conducted field investigation , Come up with a transformation plan , input 60 More than ten thousand yuan , use 3 Months time , Build it into a small garden popular with residents .

This year , Lingling district will establish and implement civilization “ Micro facts about people's livelihood ” The project is closely integrated , according to “ You mention 、 I'll do it ” and “ Spend small money 、 Do big things ” The requirements of , We will vigorously promote all kinds of micro practical things for people's livelihood and handle them in a timely manner , send “ I do practical things for the masses ” Strengthened 、 elaboration . When the district's finances are tight , By reducing 、 Save administrative costs , Multi investment nearly 3000 Ten thousand yuan , Yes, the city 5 We will comprehensively transform and improve the quality of three demonstration farmers' markets , In the fruit Street 、 New parking spaces in Yangjiaoshan road and other sections 300 More than a ; Yes, Xiaoxiang gate 、 Gaoshan temple 、 Xiangjiating, etc 14 Improve the quality of a small garden , Improve the small garden road 、 Steps and greening 、 Fitness facilities ; Repair the surrounding area of Zhongshan Road 、 Sewers around the double brand parking lot 21 strip , Repair the north of Pingzhou road 、 Damaged sidewalks at Nanjin Road, etc 5 strip ; Transformation of Lingling cigarette factory 、 Down factory resettlement community 、 Traditional Chinese medicine hospital dormitory and other old communities 41 individual .

Zheng Ruoyu, a resident of Zhongshan middle road , After witnessing the success of small things , I have deep feelings about the changes brought by the city and the convenience brought to residents :“ Micro facts bring great changes , This is a real welfare and bonus to our urban residents .”

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