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Zhao Liping: scientific planning, real work and greater contribution to accelerating the construction of "four districts and two cities"

2021-08-27 00:23:03 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Qin bin )8 month 22 The morning of , Zhao Liping, Secretary of Lingling district Party committee, conducted in-depth investigation and discussion with members of the street team . Zhao Liping asked , We should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of the ninth district Party Congress , According to the reality of the street , Effectively benchmarking the table 、 Scientific planning 、 real practice and hard work , To speed up “ Four districts and two cities ” Make greater contributions to construction .

At the Symposium , Zhao Liping learned more about the current work of jieluqiao Street , And have an in-depth conversation with members of the street team on the future development of the bridge , We answered and replied to your questions and suggestions on site .

Zhao Liping pointed out , Jieluqiao street is located at zero 、 Cold at the junction of the two central urban areas , Good location 、 Obvious resource advantages , It is a hot land for officers to start a business . The streets should always insist on “ To work in one place is to promote the development of one party 、 Keep one side safe ” Our political responsibility is firmly on our shoulders , Seize the opportunity , Take advantage of , Contribute more , Build the connecting bridge in an all-round way 、 Develop well 、 manage 、 Good service , Make new contributions for the benefit of the people who take over the bridge and promote the high-quality development of the whole region .

Zhao Liping asked , The ninth district Party Congress scientifically described the development blueprint of the whole district in the next five years , The new blueprint is inspiring , The new journey has a long way to go . Think actively on the street 、 Take the initiative 、 Active action , Effectively enhance the sense of urgency for development in the next five years 、 Sense of mission and responsibility . To target the whole region “ Four districts and two cities ”“ Wuling mausoleum ”“ Seven actions ”“ Ten big things ”“ Ten facts ”“ Five to five ” And so on , Adhere to the combination of practice 、 Accurate pulse 、 Scientific positioning , Deeply plan the future development direction of the bridge . We should pay close attention to the current key work , We will make every effort to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and vaccination , Ensure people's life safety and health ; We should do a solid job in the general election of street people's congresses , Make sure the election is clean 、 A complete success ; We should study and study carefully 《 Law of the people's Republic of China on the promotion of Rural Revitalization 》, Comprehensively promote rural revitalization , Speed up the modernization of agriculture and rural areas , Strive to achieve strong agricultural development 、 Rural beauty 、 Rich peasants ; We should stick to the bottom line of safety and stability , Do a good job in safety production 、 Prevention of drowning 、 Road safety 、 Letters and visits to maintain stability 、 Bottom line work such as integrity and self-discipline , Ensure social harmony and stability ; Efforts should be made to strengthen party building , Practical enhancement “ Four consciousness ”, A firm “ Four confidence ”, Achieve “ Two maintenance ”, Adhere to strict and comprehensive governance of the party , Stick to the strict word 、 Strict in all respects 、 To the end . The streets should always stick to unity , Bear the heavy trust , Keep an eye on the target and work hard , Keep an eye on the problem and work hard , Keep an eye on the results and do it , Revolution and hard work , Make every effort to ensure that all key tasks are completed with quality and quantity , Make new and greater contributions to the overall social stability and high-quality economic and social development of the region .

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