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An Ren: the pastoral night is beautiful

2021-08-27 00:23:14 Red Net

In autumn , Whenever night falls , In the dusk , Rice field Park in Anren County was lit on time , These lights are soft 、 comfortable , It's like a quiet “ Mountain village lamp shadow painting ”. Street lights and landscape lights of different colors not only illuminate rural roads , Lit up the beautiful night in the countryside , Provide convenience for people to travel at night and , Also let people go out of their homes and enjoy the beautiful country night , It has improved the people's sense of security and happiness .

At night , With the stars 凉 wind , Stroll into the rice field cultural square with harmony between man and nature 、 Waterwheel windmill Park 、 Water park 、 Farming experience Park 、 Fresh fruit picking garden ; Walking through ecological rice fields “ Daoxiang Road ”“ Liuwan road ”“ Paishan road ”“ Xingnong road ”; Enjoy the light music played by the roadside speaker , And the sound of frogs in the green fields 、 The sound of insects blends into a symphony ; Feel the warm lights on the road , And ancient bridges and flowing water 、 The folk houses in southern Hunan with yellow walls and grey tiles form a scene . Men, women, young and old from the city in a group of three , Five groups are “ Rice field night ” Leisure and entertainment , Taste rice wine and scald the skin , Riding a four wheeled bicycle , Enjoy the rural scenery and homesickness , Make people linger .( Red net reporter Jiang Zi Photography He Bingwen )

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