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"Biden's honeymoon with the Americans is over"

2021-08-27 00:27:55 Beijing daily client

“ Biden's honeymoon with Americans is over .” American politician News Network said .

22 Japan , National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) And CBS (CBS) The latest poll released shows that , The number of confirmed cases of the US new crown virus has increased dramatically , And a series of reactions caused by the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan , Coupled with the slow economic recovery and other factors , US President Joe Biden's popularity continues to decline , stay NBC For the first time in the polls 50%.

22 Japan , Biden spoke on the situation in Afghanistan . Picture source : Vision China

stay CBS In the News poll , Nearly half of the Americans surveyed ( about 50%) Recognize Biden's presidency —— But the same number ( about 50%) Don't recognize it . stay NBC In news polls , Biden's approval rating is 49%, The opposition rate is 48%.

NBC poll . Picture source : Politician News Network

And NBC In this year 4 Compared to a similar poll conducted last month , Biden's approval rating continues to decline , at that time 53% Of people said they recognized his performance . stay 4 In the monthly poll , Biden's disapproval rate is much lower , Only then 39% Of people said they didn't recognize Biden's performance .

stay NBC In the latest poll ,48% Of registered voters said they did not recognize the president's overall performance , And only 43% Of people in 4 Month expressed the same view . Biden is independent 、 Support among white Americans and people in rural areas has declined .

A more detailed breakdown of recent opinion polls shows , About the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan , Most of the respondents (60%) Expressed disagreement with Biden's handling of the matter , Only 25% Of the respondents agreed .

In the latest polls ,53% Of respondents said they recognized the Biden administration's performance in dealing with the new crown pandemic ,44% Of the respondents said they did not agree with . And 4 Monthly comparison , Support for Biden's handling of the epidemic has declined 16%, The disapproval rate has increased 17%.

In recent months , Delta variant virus spreads rapidly , This has led to a surge in confirmed cases in some parts of the United States . According to the latest data from the U.S. Department of health and human services , At present, the United States has more than 9.5 Novel coronavirus pneumonia in hospitalization , With more than 2.3 Million people in the intensive care unit .

in addition ,47% Of respondents said they agreed with the Biden administration's work in dealing with economic recovery , and 49% Of the respondents said they did not agree with . And 4 The month is compared with , The support rate dropped 5%, The disapproval rate has increased 6%.

However ,NBC The news pointed out that , Even if the support rate drops , Biden still has strong support from Democrats ,88% Of democratic respondents expressed support for his performance , This one is better than 4 The poll was low in January 2 percentage .

But for Democrats , Biden's declining popularity is disturbing news . The Democratic Party has only a narrow majority in Congress , Facing next year's mid-term elections , The threat is growing .

CBS News survey 8 month 18 solstice 20 Day by “ Public opinion survey network ”(YouGov) Online , Its investigation 2142 Adults . The error range is plus or minus 2.3 percentage .

NBC News poll on 8 month 14 solstice 17 By telephone on the th , A survey of 1000 Adults . The overall error range is positive or negative 3.1 percentage .

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