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More fashionable and practical static experience 2022 Roewe imax8

2021-08-27 00:37:13 Yiche original

Front face design ,iMAX8 Not much has changed , Ronglin wing grille is still used , The overall style is bold and radical , At the same time, the size of the front grille is huge , It brings a strong visual impact . besides , Both sides of the front bumper also use a younger sports design , Make the three-dimensional feeling of the front stronger . It can also be noted that the front of the vehicle is equipped with a monocular camera 、 Front camera and millimeter wave radar , therefore iMAX8 Also have 360 Two degree panoramic image and vehicle with full speed adaptive cruise function AI-Pilot Intelligent driving assistance system .

2022 paragraph iMAX8 There is no change in body size , The side of the vehicle still adopts the traditional MPV Body shape . The tires are made of Michelin PRIMACY series , Size is 225/55 R18. This series of tires focuses on silence and comfort , Will make iMAX8 There is a better NVH performance . in addition iMAX8 The front and rear four doors of the have keyless entry function , And in addition to the minimum model , Other models adopt the design of electric side sliding door on both sides .

The design of the tail is relatively simple , The overall shape is also more traditional , The square design can provide more interior space . As for the tail lights , The left and right sides are connected by the tail through trim strip , The shape is also quite regular .

2022 paragraph iMAX8 There are not many changes in the interior , The whole presents an obvious embracing atmosphere . Moreover, the layering sense of interior decoration can be distinguished by color and material , The upper part is wrapped with blue leather material , The lower part is made of silver brushed material , Overall, it shows a good sense of luxury and premium .

The color of the steering wheel is consistent with the interior color of the whole vehicle , And the surface is also used for punching design , The overall grip is quite comfortable , Even the steering wheel has shift paddles . On the dashboard , The real model adopts 7 Inch traditional dashboard , Although higher configuration models will use 12.3 Inch full LCD dashboard , But now all LCD dashboard has been very popular , A guide price 20 More than the MPV The model is not equipped with a full LCD instrument panel, which is somewhat unreasonable .

Although most functions are concentrated in the central control screen , however iMAX8 There are still many physical keys , Can control, such as air conditioning 、 Side sliding door 、 Opening and closing of trunk door, etc .

Another change is “ Magic bar ” 了 , In order to enhance its practicability , So its storage space was deepened , And the upper and lower layers are also processed , This can further enhance its storage capacity , Maximize practicality .

The front seats are wrapped in leather , The color matching of seats also echoes with the interior . And the seats are wide and thick , Even the front seats have independent armrests , The ride is very comfortable . At the same time, the front seats also have seat heating / Ventilation function , The top model also has seat memory function . And the front row also has rich storage space , Can meet daily needs .

The second row seats are designed with two independent seats , At the same time, the seat also supports falling down , And the functions of the rear seats are also relatively rich , Not only does it support seat heating / ventilation / Massage and other functions , It also has an independent storage compartment 、USB Interface 、 Independent cup holder and voice wake-up function . Even the seat headrest can be adjusted , Care for the comfort of passengers is quite in place .

iMAX8 The third row seats are also very comfortable , Specifically, iMAX8 The third row support was adjusted before and after , And it can give passengers enough and comfortable space . in addition iMAX8 There is also a storage compartment for the third row of passengers 、 Voice wake up button .

Look again. iMAX8 Luggage compartment space , Because the third row of seats can be put down or moved back and forth , Therefore, the space of the whole luggage compartment can be arranged flexibly . Especially when the third row seats are at the front , The overall storage space is quite satisfactory .

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