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The battle of young sportsmen: honda civic vs. Mazda 3 anksila

2021-08-27 00:37:45 Oriental Information automobile

After chatting with people around us, we will find that , Many people will regard the compact family car as the first car in their life , The reason is , First, because the price is not expensive , Most people can afford , The second is that this type of vehicle has good spatial performance , It's basically no problem to meet daily household needs . Of course, in addition to these basic needs , Young car consumers still have a certain pursuit for the appearance and performance of the vehicle . Based on these conditions , We have selected two young sports models for you - Honda civic and Mazda 3 Oncella .

Although the latest version on the market is the hatchback version of Civic , But still more popular with consumers is the hatchback civic , The three compartment version of Civic has 8 Product configuration , Price range: 11.99~16.99 Ten thousand yuan .2021 Mazda in paragraph 3 Listed in the first half of this year , A total of new cars were launched 9 Product configuration , Price range: 11.59~16.89 Ten thousand yuan . Next, we will choose the guide price, which is also 13.99 Ten thousand yuan 2019 Civic dynamic version and 2021 Mazda in paragraph 3 Anksila automatic quality dazzle version for detailed comparison , See which model has higher product power under the condition of equal price . Appearance comparison

The appearance of the new generation Honda Civic is more radical and avant-garde , The new car is equipped with a flat front air grille at the front face , The interior trim panel is blackened . The new car is surrounded by a through shape , It goes well with the front air grille , The wing headlights on both sides are still the same , Internally matched halogen light source , In terms of lighting LED Daytime running light , Automatic headlights , Halogen front fog lamp , Adjustable headlamp height, etc .

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