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BYD's "killer mace" is to be hard?

2021-08-27 00:39:59 Oriental Information automobile

Recently, BYD's hottest new car is the upcoming Dolphin , This is based on BYD e platform 3.0 The new car launched , It uses a design style that BYD has never had before , This is a bright sight . in addition , Dolphin is a kind of “e network ” Models under .

If you don't know enough about BYD , Here is a brief explanation : Previously, BYD divided its product series into two plates , han 、 The tang dynasty 、 The song dynasty 、 element 、 Qin these cars belong to “ Dynasty Series ”,e1、e2、e3 It is “e Net series ”.

The purpose of this classification is obvious ,“ dynasty ” Focus on markets with higher prices ,“e network ” For lower priced markets . But because of the Qin Dynasty 、 element 、 Song, the price of these models is not high enough , It leads to the formation of involution within the family , Plus “e network ” Our products are not competitive , therefore “e network ” The models began to decay .

Later , BYD even directly put song 、 The song dynasty Pro、 The song dynasty Plus The sales right of these three generations of Song Dynasty was placed in “e network ” Shop , To maintain operation . After the dolphins came , This situation may improve , But if you want to completely reverse this situation , Alone “ A dolphin ” Obviously not enough , Byd's “e network ” Need more new cars .

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