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Cao Yunjin changed his girlfriend again? Drive a million luxury cars to take beautiful women to bars and release themselves after divorce

2021-08-27 00:46:42 Tencent Entertainment

Since divorce , Around Cao Yunjin “ Peach blossom ” I haven't broken it , From time to time, I was photographed going out with beautiful women .

8 month 22 Friday night , Another media exposed a group of beautiful women at Cao Yunjin's night party 、 Photos of going to the bar with .

same day , Cao Yunjin drives his white luxury car again , Take the beauty to the bar .

It is reported that , He bought this car earlier , But the price is also not cheap , The selling price is more than one million yuan .

however , Compared with the past , Cao Yunjin is dressed in a low key this time , He is wearing an orange jacket , Wear a baseball cap , When walking, I unconsciously stretched out my hand and lowered the brim of my hat , I don't seem to want to be recognized .

According to media Revelations , After arriving at the bar , Cao Yunjin and the beautiful woman got off one after another , They also kept a distance .

And the beautiful woman is also wearing a hat , She is wearing a black coat , Wear white shorts , Show a pair of long white legs .

After the night club , Cao Yunjin came out first , The beauty followed at a distance .

Even the media can't help sighing :“ Very cautious .”

Such a careful and low-key style , People can't help but think of the scene where Cao Yunjin was photographed in front of the bar last time .

6 One late night in January , Cao Yunjin and his party left the bar .

Before we get on the bus , He dragged a beautiful woman into the car , The girl once strongly resisted and wanted to run to the side , But after all, it can't beat the strong men .

And then , Cao Yunjin threw the man into the car , I quickly sat in and hugged the woman , Don't let each other leave , And shouted to the driver to go .

Once the matter is exposed , Many netizens denounced Cao Yunjin , Pointing out that he doesn't respect women , And violent tendencies .

Just when everyone was angry , a ID be known as “ Xiaohan ” Of women call themselves clients , She said she and Cao Yunjin were lovers , They were just fighting with each other , Unexpectedly, there was a misunderstanding .

However , One month after Guan Xuan fell in love , They broke up again .

7 month 26 Friday night , Xiaohan updates a video dynamic , And a caption :“ All the fate in life is the debt owed in the previous life , Those who meet and leave , Because I don't owe you much , Pay off and go .”

The video BGM Or a song called 《 You shouldn't use emotion 》 Song , The lyrics are “ Farewell , Yesterday's love , Maybe you shouldn't have used emotion , Now there will be no more infatuation ”, Sounds particularly sad .

Besides , Xiaohan also set the authority for the dynamics of the official relationship at that time , Suspected deleted .

All kinds of actions inevitably make people guess that Xiaohan and Cao Yunjin have broken up .

Now , Cao Yunjin goes to the nightclub again , There are also beautiful women around . however , Because of the picture quality and angle , The appearance of a beautiful woman is not true .

I don't know Cao Yunjin's relationship with Xiaohan is still , Or are you looking for another lover ?

Think of the original , Three months after he divorced Tang Wanguan , Cao Yunjin was photographed dating a woman in white on Tanabata , Since then, female partners have been , Quite flying . If he really changed his girlfriend this time , I don't think it's strange for everyone ……

however ,35 Cao Yunjin is not young anymore , I still hope he can settle down as soon as possible , Find a good marriage !

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