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The two members of The9 overturned one after another. Kong Xueer was exposed to love. Liu Yuxin said "thank you for the epidemic"?

2021-08-27 00:56:07 Tencent Entertainment

title :THE9 The two members rolled over one after another , Kong Xueer is exposed to love , Liu Yuxin said “ Thank you ”?

Speaking of THE9 This combination to , I think everyone is familiar with .

This is a 《 There is your youth 2》 The one who came out 9 Bit member .

Since the formation of this group , There has been no negative news , Inside 9 Members have been active in front of the screen , After all, these THE9 There are more powerful companies behind it , Can always get them activities .

however ,THE9 In recent days, , The two members rolled over one after another .

It was revealed on the hot search , Kong Xueer is dating a man , Suspected love exposure .

Some media photographed Kong Xueer dating a man , They entered the restaurant one after another , Get together with friends until dawn , Take a bus back to Kong Xueer's home , Suspected love exposure .

Kong Xueer as THE9 member , Its stage performance has always been recognized by everyone .

Over the past few years , Kong Xueer is becoming more and more famous , Record variety shows one after another , Then there are film and television works to be shot .

Kong Xueer's appearance has always been recognized by everyone , This relationship is suspected to be exposed , It's still a little surprising , After all, the beautiful sister is now in a rising career .

After seeing the picture of the boy , One after another, netizens picked it out , Boys have participated in 《 There is your youth 3》 Ma Sihan .

The relationship between the two is that of sister and brother , Is sister brother love popular in the entertainment industry now ?

And Kong Xueer and Ma Sihan have also cooperated in TV dramas 《 Chic beauty, light makeup 》.

Netizens also identified the man's favorite bean by hair color .

Because Kong Xueer waited 8 At the end of the year, I waited for my women's League dream .

Fans work hard to get her out , Not to let her fall in love , But let her do a good job . If this is true , That really makes the fans sad .

Yes, of course , Some netizens also said , This is a 5 The dinner of the crew in June , There was an assistant in , It's not taking it home at all , But go to the bathroom , Someone else gave her cover .

If what the fans say is true , Then let the parties come out to clarify !

Except for Kong Xueer ,THE9 Of C Liu Yuxin also overturned because of an inappropriate remark .

Liu Yuxin will talk about :“ Thank you , Everyone has time to watch programs at home ”

Actually , Since Liu Yuxin's debut , Keep walking in a neutral wind , She herself is also very strict with the stage , Learn to dance fast , The typhoon is good again , The whole person has been a walking clothes rack .

Liu Yuxin herself is also very gentle , stay 《 Green you 2》 When recording , Liu Yuxin has always been a big sister , Help her little partner , In fact, she herself is not old , But it has always been called Miss Liu , It is Mr. Liu's help to the students , We finally presented such a beautiful stage !

After Liu Yuxin's debut , Also won a lot of endorsements , Recorded a lot of variety shows , It's fun to make money , I just don't know why I'm so careless when speaking , One word can make fans sad for a long time .

Actually , We know from the bottom of our hearts , Liu Yuxin did not thank the epidemic , But thank so many people for watching the program .

It's just incredible when expressing , This caused Liu Yuxin's remarks to overturn .

But Liu Yuxin should stop the loss in time , Should actively to fans , Apologize to the public .

People like you , Spent so much money to help you get out , In order to see the idol of positive health and positive energy , Instead of such an unscrupulous idol . I don't know what you think of ?

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