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Lingling district will crack down on poaching and indiscriminate mining with heavy fists and zero tolerance

2021-08-27 01:23:02 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Xiao Ping Chen ) In order to consolidate the achievements in cracking down on poaching and indiscriminate mining , Crack down on illegal sand mining , Lingling district has introduced 《 The work plan for the special action of banning sand mining in Lingling district 》. Since the launch of the special rectification action , according to “ Full coverage 、 Zero tolerance 、 Strict law enforcement 、 pragmatic ” General requirements , Carry out large-scale network patrol in the whole region , Effectively strengthen supervision .

With the rising price of sand and gravel in recent years , As a result, a small number of people make huge profits , Take risks and engage in private excavation and indiscriminate mining of sand and gravel , Seriously damage the safety of water ecological environment . In order to consolidate the achievements , The area makes full use of “ River length + Sheriff + Supervisor ” Collaboration mechanism , Carry out joint law enforcement on a regular basis , Further increased cooperation with the district procuratorate 、 The public security sub bureaus jointly investigated and dealt with the illegal act of illegally excavating and indiscriminately mining sand and gravel , Work together to protect the water environment 、 Water ecological security .

2021 Since then , Patrol the area 41 Time , Joint law enforcement 9 Time , Send out about 216 Person time , vehicle 49 More than once , Issue a notice of order to correct the illegal act 11 Share , Remediation of illegal low polder net enclosure structures within a time limit 1 It's about , Encroach on the river shoreline 3 rise , Resolve sand related conflicts and disputes 3 Pieces of , File a case to investigate and deal with the encroachment of river shoreline 1 rise ( Build ponds around rivers ), Crack down on sporadic illegal sand mining cases 5 rise , Among them, the case of illegal sand mining was transferred to the public security 1 rise , The total penalty is about 13 Ten thousand yuan , Effectively curbed the illegal mining of mineral resources .

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