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Cold water beach held a meeting to promote shed reform

2021-08-27 01:30:49 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Lei Zhongxiang Wu Lipeng Tang Meng Zhou Yong )8 month 20 Japan , Cold water beach held a meeting to promote shed reform , Implement the spirit of the supervision meeting of Yongzhou housing security research group , Arrange and deploy the shed reconstruction work in the next stage . District Party Secretary Qin Zhijun attended and delivered a speech , Deputy Secretary of the District Committee 、 District head Zhou Liang , District Leader Peng Feng 、 Jiang OULIN 、 Zhang Wenfeng and others attended .

The meeting listened to the recent work of each shed reform project and the next work plan , And analyze the difficulties and problems faced in the shed reform work one by one , Study and solve .

Qin Zhijun pointed out , The transformation of shantytowns is to realize “ There is a good place to live ” People's livelihood project , It is related to the people's living and working in peace and contentment , For improving urban infrastructure 、 Improve the quality of city image 、 It plays an important role in driving economic and social development . All departments at all levels should firmly establish the people-centered development thought , Seize the opportunity , Pay close attention to the work of shed reform , Let the shed reform policy benefit the people to the greatest extent , The real “ Room space ” This practical matter has yielded results , Meet the people's yearning for a better life ; We should fully rely on the masses 、 Mobilize the public , Guide the masses to treat 、 Support and participate in shed reform ; We should resolutely guard against all kinds of risks , Build a clean government project , Promote the transformation of sunshine shed , Do practical things well 、 Do good things , Do it in the hearts of the masses ; Treat both symptoms and root causes 、 Accurate ShiCe , Stick to problem orientation , Land acquisition and demolition shall be solved according to laws, regulations, standards and procedures 、 Go through the formalities 、 Resettlement plan and other issues ; We should further strengthen leadership , Clear responsibilities 、 Improve your style 、 Front service 、 To cooperate closely with 、 Strengthen dispatching , With greater strength 、 Promote shed reform at a faster speed , Let the shed change people move to a new home early .

Before the meeting , Qin Zhijun and his entourage have successively come to the state-owned sheds for mine reform 、 Down factory 、 Foreign trade companies 、 Lingling light machinery factory 、 Xiangnan cannery 、 The old district government, Yunhu community reconstruction project and other places know the situation of each project on the spot .

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