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The enterprise service center window of Zhuzhou high tech Zone is semi open, opening up a "green channel", helping agents and other intimate services

2021-08-27 01:30:52 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 23 - ( correspondent Kuang kunhong ) As the epidemic prevention and control situation slows down , Enterprise development service center of Zhuzhou high tech Zone ( abbreviation “ Enterprise service center ”) By opening up “ Green channel ”、 start-up “ Visitor registration ”、 Help the agency and other measures , Continue to make contributions to innovative service models “ New Act ”, Take intensive and convenient as the standard , Continue to expand the form of non-contact government services , Zoom in on service resources .8 month 2 solstice 8 month 18 Japan , The enterprise service center handles online business 1172 Pieces of , Offline business 3331 Pieces of , Telephone consultation 2911 Pieces of , total 7414 Pieces of , Average daily business 570 Pieces of .

In order to cooperate with epidemic prevention and control , at present , The enterprise service center carries out temperature measurement at the entrance of the service hall 、 Check two yards and check the vaccination . In order to control the flow of people in the service hall , Effectively reduce the risk of cross infection , The enterprise service center is also set up in the hall “1 Meter distance ” Waiting area , Under the condition of ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention and control , Serve the masses to the greatest extent .

Besides , As early as 8 month 9 recently , The enterprise service hall has started to provide external services in the form of appointment , Provide online application for preliminary review 、 Telephone service consultation and emergency reservation . At this stage , The comprehensive windows of halls at all levels only accept reservation business , Do not accept on-site number taking business , After the epidemic situation is relieved, normal services will be restored .

Under epidemic prevention and control , For citizens who do not meet the requirements of entering the hall , The enterprise service center did not let everyone “ A trip for nothing ”. The agent is at the door , Always ready to provide agency services for citizens . The clerk of Zhuzhou Telai network charging network technology Co., Ltd. failed to meet the conditions for entering the hall to handle business , Wang Yinyan, agent of enterprise service center “ run ” Get up , Help the enterprise complete the pre audit data . The clerk of the enterprise introduced :“ I thought it couldn't be done , I didn't expect the service of the enterprise service center to be so considerate .”

besides , In the field 、 Enterprises or people who are temporarily inconvenient to handle business on site , Can also be through “ One thing at a time ” Wechat applet , Broaden online service channels , Minimize the risk of cross infection .

In recent days , Business enterprises and residents have expressed concern about “ One thing at a time ” The applet was praised . When Dongfang shuigu Carbon Technology Co., Ltd. approved the name , The address is in Xiangtan , The enterprise legal person wants to change its address to Zhuzhou , It's quickly handled online .

Considering that special groups such as old, weak, sick, disabled and pregnant are using intelligent technology 、 Difficulties in enjoying government services , The enterprise service center thinks what the masses think , Launch government services “ Green channel ”, Provide health code search for special groups 、 Priority is given to calling 、 Special assistance 、 Speed up processing and other services , Let the masses feel the warmth of spring .

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