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Dao County: taking multiple measures to escort the general election of the National People's Congress

2021-08-27 01:30:55 Red Net

Red net time 8 month 16 - ( correspondent Xie Wanbo Liu Jian He Zhang ) In recent days , Strengthen leadership in xianzijiao Town, Dao County 、 Attach great importance to 、 Clear division of labor 、 Responsibility for compaction 、 Strengthen publicity , Take multiple measures to promote the work of the general election of county and Township People's congresses , At present, the election of new deputies to the town's people's Congress has been completed smoothly and orderly . This is one of the epitomes of the solid and powerful promotion of the term change at the county and township levels in Dao County this year .

Strengthen leadership and careful organization . In order to strengthen the leadership of the general election and ensure solid progress , Xianzijiao town of Dao County was established with the party secretary as the group leader , Deputy secretary of the party committee 、 Mayor , Full time Deputy Secretary of the Party committee 、 The leading group for the general election with the chairman of the National People's Congress as the deputy leader , Specifically lead the general election of the whole town . The leading group has an office , The chairman of the town people's Congress concurrently serves as the director of the office , The party and government leaders of the whole town guide the general election of the National People's Congress in different areas .

Strengthen publicity and create an atmosphere . This year , The town insists on carrying out publicity throughout the whole process of the general election , By radio 、 Billboards 、 Slogan 、 Banners 、 Display screen and other forms , Widely publicize the people's Congress System , Publicize the relevant provisions of the Constitution and laws , Publicize the good practices and experiences of all localities in effectively protecting the democratic rights of voters , Make the general election a household name , We will earnestly enhance the enthusiasm of the broad masses of voters to participate in the election .

Strengthen supervision and discipline . Town Party committee 、 The Town Commission for Discipline Inspection shall strengthen supervision and inspection at all stages of the general election , Pay close attention to the dynamics of the general election , Strictly enforce the discipline of the general election , Ensure that the air is clean and positive . meanwhile , Strengthen the study and judgment of the election situation , Properly handle various contradictions , Ensure County 、 The general election of the people's congresses at the town and township levels proceeded smoothly .

We will strengthen security and prevent epidemics . At the polls , The town organized personnel to strengthen the publicity and guidance of epidemic prevention and control , Call on everyone to vaccinate the new crown vaccine as soon as possible . At the same time, every voter must wear a mask , Take a temperature measurement , Do not gather after voting 、 Don't pile up , We will ensure that the people's Congress is changed and epidemic prevention and control work is carried out “ Same as pushing forward ”“ No mistake ”.

The general election of the National People's Congress , Xianzijiao town of Dao County is divided into 5 A large constituency and 36 A small constituency , Fixed ticket box and mobile ticket box shall be adopted for delivery “ choose ” Door to door, etc , There must be no fewer citizens who enjoy the right to vote , A good choice , One does not miss , The grassroots people's right to vote and stand for election has been fully guaranteed . The town elected deputies to the county people's Congress 14 name 、 Deputies to the town people's Congress 75 name , The election of deputies to the new National People's Congress was completed smoothly, smoothly and orderly .

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