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Press the "fast forward" button for house construction, and the beautiful countryside is gradually entering the picture

2021-08-27 01:31:07 Red Net

Red net time correspondent Chen Bo Changsha report

Now , Walk into Jinju village, Yanxi Town, Liuyang City , The mountains are green , Jinju village surrounded by green mountains and waters is full of vitality , Place oneself among them , It's like a person swimming in a painting , The scenery is changing step by step . This year, , Jinju village seizes the development opportunity of beautiful rural construction , Adjust measures to local conditions , Actively promote house construction , Focus on building a beautiful house in Songshan in the village . At the construction site , We can see cadres and masses taking the heat together everywhere 、 Moving scenes and pictures of building a beautiful house with high temperature . The passion and enthusiasm of the masses , In dismantling the old enclosure , Raise money and labor 、 Constantly inspire and soar in suggestions and suggestions .

Don't wait to make it yourself “ The watchman ” Become the main force

Build a beautiful house , Villagers are the main body , Villagers can't just do “ Go to the theatre ” Spectator , And to be “ Perform on the stage ” The actor of .“ House construction is inseparable from the effective participation of villagers , The first thing to break is the villagers , by , The thought of , Mobilize the enthusiasm of villagers to participate in the construction . The reason why we chose Kurita piansongshan house first , The villagers' high enthusiasm is a very important consideration . The villagers are very supportive of the house construction this time , Take the initiative to raise funds, work and labor , actively participate in , The construction progress is very fast , expect 9 The project will be completed by the middle of this month , More importantly , A project in which villagers independently participate in the construction , The quality will be more guaranteed , In the later stage, we will cherish it more .” Li Jia, Secretary of the general Party branch of Jinju village, said .

From the mouth of the local villagers , The reporter learned that , In order to accelerate the construction of beautiful houses ,55 Villagers donated money for house construction . Party member Zhou Sihua took the initiative to dismantle his own toughened shed , Provide space , Make room for house construction . In the construction of the riverside footpath in the village , A villager braved the scorching sun , continuity 7 It is our duty to water and cool the roads .

Party member Zhou Sihua demolished his own toughening shed

Culture endows the soul of beautiful countryside . Beautiful houses cannot be separated from the moisture of cultural soil .“ Huifeng likes 3000 guests , The flowers are fresh and fresh twenty-four times .” I learned that my hometown is building a beautiful house , Cai Cong, vice chairman of Changsha couplet Association, took the initiative to contact , For the house 7 A pavilion writes poems , He also mobilized calligraphers to write for the signboard of the pavilion and send it back to the village , It gives Songshan house a strong cultural atmosphere .

In Songshan house yard of Jinju village , There are countless things that villagers spontaneously support house construction in various forms . With the active participation of the villagers , The construction progress of the village's house is at the forefront of the house construction of each village in Yanxi town .

Based on the needs and expectations of the masses , Mud road change “ Landscape road ”

Think what the masses think , Do what the masses expect , Can we really do good things to the hearts of the masses . During the construction of beautiful houses , The two committees of Jinju village branch start from the needs and expectations of the masses , At the start , Many times “ Nocturne ” Or in the form of home visit , Have done enough to find out the public opinion “ Homework ”, Find out what the masses think and hope , Take the demands of public opinion as the starting point and foothold , Let the house construction work have a definite aim .

In the process of collecting opinions , The most talked about , And the best consensus is , I hope to make a river about 1200 Meters of embankment road hardening , Build a walking path , In this way, we can take a walk there after dinner , It's much safer than walking on the road . The proposal was deliberated and voted on , Soon adopted and implemented . When a hardened trail begins to take shape , The villagers can't hide their excitement .

The River Trail

“ Building a beautiful house is something we have been looking forward to for a long time , This year finally achieved , We are all very happy now . Especially this road along the river , Once it rained, the ground was covered with mud , After this hardening , Don't worry about rainy days anymore .”

“ This river walk is about 1200 rice , Murakami paid to build it for us , While building , We'll take the dead branches and leaves on the riverbank by ourselves , All the weeds have been cleared , Now it looks like , It's really beautiful , It's safe and convenient to take a walk on this road in the evening , It can also be used as an agricultural channel when farming is busy .”

Villagers, you say , One word from me , Competing first and then telling the benefits of the beautiful house for everyone .

The pond is now clear The silt pond becomes “ Cornucopia ”

Jinju village is full of ponds , Songshan house yard is no exception , But some ponds are not well maintained , In addition, it has not been comprehensively treated for a long time , Sludge accumulated in the pond . Regarding this , The influence of Jinju village on the development of the village “ A small pond ” And lax management “ Dirty pond ” And so on , For the weeds around , The sundries were completely cleaned up . Now , The ponds in Jinju village are scattered , Flowers and plants are also planted by the pond , When we looked around , The sun shines on the sparkling water , The reflection of flowers and plants on the water , A beautiful rural landscape is vivid .

The rippling pond beside the footpath

“ Ponds can be used to raise fish , Plant Lotus , In summer, the lotus will be very beautiful in full bloom .” Zhang Guoping sighed . These ponds beautify the countryside , Regulate the climate , Protect the environment , The most important thing is , After the renovation , These ponds or fish farms , Or plant lotus root , It will bring considerable economic benefits to the villagers .

Next , Songshan house in Jinju village plans to organize the establishment of a house management committee , Establish a long-term management mechanism , Guide villagers to build and manage themselves , Consolidate the achievements of house construction . The village will also give full play to the demonstration and driving role of Songshan house market , Create more distinctive products according to local conditions , Affordable and practical beautiful house .

according to the understanding of , In Yanxi Town, Liuyang City, where Jinju village is located , The whole town 7 All villages are concentrating their efforts , The hot construction scenes of beautiful house construction can be seen everywhere . Yanxi town is planned to be in 9 In the middle and late ten days of the month, the organization went to the beautiful house construction site of each village to observe , These beautiful houses carefully built will become dazzling pearls in Yanxi town , Become a beautiful scenic spot along the stream , When the , A picture of the beautiful countryside will be presented in front of us .

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