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Comments on top 30 car sales complaints in July 2021

2021-08-27 01:43:24 Wechat automobile

   According to the national automobile production and sales data provided by the passenger Federation ,2021 year 7 In January, the cumulative sales volume of domestic car market 72.1 Thousands of cars , fell 5.9%, Year-on-year decline in 6.6%. At the same time , The vehicle quality network accepts effective complaints from car owners 4,860 zong , For the first time in the year, the same / A double rise on a link , Among them, it rose month on month 12.7%, rose 9.5%.

  7 month ,“ AV system failure ” Complaints continue to rise , The number of complaints is close to 400 zong , Month on month rise 28.4%, Most of the increase in complaints comes from Chery arizer 5 PLUS And other independent brand models . This month, “ Air conditioning problem ” Complaints have increased significantly , The number of complaints is 6 Month up 42.2%. Besides ,“ Component cracking ” Problem complaints also increased significantly , The fault ranking jumped to the top ten , The number of complaints rose month on month 33.9%. After removing the information about the complainant's voluntary application for withdrawal ,2021 year 7 month TOP30 The ranking of complaints about car sales is as follows :


Data point :

1、 Record sales The reputation of Teana quality is getting better


   As a Japanese medium-sized car “ Three swordsmen ” One of , The sales performance of Dongfeng Nissan Teana is not satisfactory after the replacement , The gap with competitors accord and Camry has gradually widened . Get into 2021 year , Teana's sales have improved slightly ,7 This month's sales volume has set an all-time record since the release of the model , Before this year 7 The cumulative sales volume in January was up compared with the same period last year 49.5%. What's more gratifying is , It can be seen from the trend of complaints in the past year , Sounds of nature are entering 2021 After year , The high number of complaints has been alleviated , The number of complaints decreased significantly ,7 The number of complaints fell to the lowest level in nearly a year , The short-term quality word-of-mouth performance is gradually improving . On the whole , After nearly half a year of consolidation , Teana has accumulated enough rising potential energy , In addition, the quality reputation shows a good trend , Sales are expected to remain high in the short term .

2、 Weak sales growth

Geely Xingrui's quality reputation shows signs of deterioration


   With the listing of Geely Xingrui , Geely also announced that it has entered “ Technology Geely 4.0 Time ”. As Geely CMA The first car under the super Architecture , Geely Xingrui has high hopes . In terms of its market performance after listing , It's really worthy of “ The disruptors ” The title of . however , Judging from its sales trend in the past year , After experiencing the sharp rise and fall in sales at the beginning of listing , Xingrui is entering 2021 The annual sales volume is becoming more and more stable , But there seems to be some weakness in the rise , The monthly sales volume has always maintained a position of just over 10000 vehicles . On the contrary, the trend of the number of complaints , Showing a trend of shock and rising ,7 The number of complaints soared to its second highest level since its listing , Month on month rise 1.6 times . When sales stagnate , The number of complaints has soared , The quality reputation of Xingrui shows signs of deterioration , The market trend in the second half of the future will become a little confusing .

3、 Sales rebounded The red flag H5 The development momentum is getting better


   In recent years , Independent brands are developing in full swing , As China “ National car ” The red flag of the brand also opens the road of rapid development . According to the latest statistics , This year, 1-7 Monthly red flag has sold new cars 170,600 platform , Year-on-year growth 95%. among , As an independent brand B The red flag of the class car leader H5 Contributed a lot , It's more than 30%. From the red flag H5 From the sales trend in the past year , Except for some twists and turns at the beginning of this year , The overall sales trend is becoming more and more stable .7 month , The red flag H5 Our sales have broken through again , It has reached a new high in nearly half a year , Month on month rise 63.5%. Combined with its monthly complaint trend , The red flag H5 Most of the monthly complaints remain in single digits , The overall quality reputation is good ,7 The number of complaints rose and fell in January , And sales volume “ Opening ” movements . According to a source , The red flag H5 The annual modified model will be officially launched in the near future , It is expected that the configuration level will be further optimized . Taken together , The red flag H5 Driven by various positive factors , Sales are expected to continue to rise in the short term , Can you break ten thousand again , Worth waiting for .

4、“ Dark horse ” Attack Run EV Constantly refresh the sales limit


   In Wuling Hongguang MINIEV Driven by , Domestic micro pure electric vehicles usher in a new round of development , And Chang'an runs EV( Run E-Star) Also got a ride on this train , Become 2021 Another horse in the new energy market “ Dark horse ”. According to the latest data , Before this year 7 The moon runs to Chang'an EV Cumulative sales 37,877 car , Press Chery ant and Euler black cat , Temporarily ranked second in the ranking of domestic new energy mini cars . It can be seen from the trend chart of sales volume and complaints in recent one year , Changan Benben EV The sales volume of shows an obvious upward trend ,7 Monthly sales reached 8,726 car , It has set an all-time record since the release of the model . In contrast, its monthly complaint performance , In the past year, the monthly complaint volume has remained in single digits , Half of these months achieved “ Zero complaint ”, The reputation of quality in the short term is worth affirming . With the development of domestic new energy mini car market, it continues to be popular , Run EV It is also expected to continue to refresh its sales limit , Maybe one day I can board “ shrines ”.

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