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Kabul airport chaos at least 20 people died, the United States will use defense crisis response measures to evacuate people

2021-08-27 01:45:24 Beijing daily client

8 month 22 Japan , A large number of people gathered outside Kabul airport in Afghanistan . Shen Jizhong

The Pentagon 22 Announced Wednesday , The civil aviation reserve will be used , Assist the military in withdrawing American citizens and Afghans from the Afghan capital Kabul .

The Pentagon issued a news confirmation after the US media disclosed that the US government may rarely use the civil aviation reserve . Pentagon spokesman John · Kirby said at the press conference , The initial investment will be 18 A civil aircraft , Respectively belong to 6 An airline operator , Including American Airlines 、 Delta Airlines 、 United Airlines .

These planes will not go to Kabul International Airport , The evacuation will be transported outside Afghanistan .

The U.S. government said , As much as 1.5 Million Americans and 5 Wan to 6 Ten thousand Afghans who have served the US side and their relatives need to evacuate , From this month 15 The Taliban entered Kabul to 21 Japan , US troops withdrew from Kabul about 1.7 ten thousand people , among 2500 People are American citizens .

According to US President Joseph · Biden's statement , This is a “ The biggest in history 、 The most difficult air transportation ( action ) One of ”. Josep, high representative for foreign and security policy of the European Union · Borelli thinks :“ They want to withdraw from now until the end of the month 6 ten thousand people , It's impossible .” The US military mission in Afghanistan is scheduled to 8 month 31 End of the day .

The American Civil Aviation reserve system was established in the last century 50 years , The purpose is to improve the military air transport capacity with the help of civil aviation aircraft in the case of national defense crisis . Private enterprises voluntarily join , In return , Participants can give priority to transporting goods and personnel for the military . According to Reuters , This is the third time that the United States has used civil aviation reserves since the Gulf War of the last century and the Iraq war at the beginning of this century .

American media reports , The civil aircraft participating in the evacuation operation will depart from Qatar 、 American bases in Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates are transporting evacuees to Germany 、 Spain 、 Italy and other European countries , Many of these Afghans will eventually go to the United States . U.S. Secretary of state Anthony · Lincoln said ,13 Countries have agreed to “ At least temporarily ” Afghans receiving the withdrawal of U.S. troops , have other 12 Countries agreed to transfer from one country to another .

The US military has invested more than 150 A military transport plane was used for the large-scale evacuation , except C-17 Type a conveyor , It has also added the largest number of Americans in active service C-5 Strategic transport aircraft , And for transporting personnel after modification KC-10 I'm an air tanker .

Kabul airport has been overcrowded for days , Tens of thousands of people came near the airport , Hope to get on a plane and evacuate . about 5800 American soldiers guarded the airport . An unnamed North Atlantic Treaty Organization official 22 Told Reuters on Sunday , In the past 7 God , At least 20 People died inside and outside Kabul airport while trying to evacuate . The British Department of defense 22 Day said ,7 Afghan civilians died in chaos .

The Taliban say , The chaos at Kabul airport is caused by the United States . (Reuters) - 22 Some eyewitnesses were quoted as saying that , The Taliban have begun to maintain order outside the airport . A Taliban spokesman told Al Jazeera television in Qatar , The Taliban and the U.S. military have established... At Kabul airport “ Working relationship ”, Taliban guard checkpoints outside the airport ,“ Both sides maintain communication ”. He said , The Taliban have announced an amnesty , Afghans need not panic and try to escape . The NATO official said :“ Our troops keep a strict distance from the periphery of Kabul airport , Prevent any conflict with the Taliban .” HuiXiao cream ( Special features of xinhua news agency )

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