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Yao Zhenhua encountered a water reverse crisis, and the worst time of Baoneng is about to pass

2021-08-27 01:50:56 Car buying network

The clouds are down , The rain is coming . The news about Baoneng has been constant this year , Adjust the business from the fresh plate 、 Layoffs and the recent breach of trust plans , Baoneng group is in a deep water reverse swamp .

Some people say , The worst of Baoneng has come . But danger and opportunity usually go hand in hand , play sb.'s cards well , After the crisis, there may be new opportunities .

Yao Zhenhua : Phased difficulties are highly controllable, and we will resolutely honor every penny

8 month 9 Japan , Yao Zhenhua, who has been mysterious and low-key to the outside world, held an internal meeting and said : Repeated outbreaks 、 Economic fluctuations , Impact on the development of many enterprises , Baoneng also encountered phased difficulties , But it is a difficulty in development , And the total amount is small , Within control .

He stressed that , Various trusts 、 Financial products are related to the company's credit , Baoneng group always puts reputation first , Abide by the market bottom line and principles , Will resolutely honor every penny . meanwhile , The internal will also continue to accelerate the operation of various sectors .

This is an argument to temporarily stabilize the morale of the army , Or a true judgment of the actual situation ? Many industry professionals analyze , Compared with some real estate companies , Baoneng is basically stable , Yao Zhenhua passed 29 The Baoneng Empire established in will not fall down .

Baoneng has assets in many parts of the country , Like an office building in Guangzhou 、 Old change project , Projects cooperated by Shenzhen Qianhai and China Resources , There are also high-quality assets such as office buildings and old transformed storage land in Sungang area of Luohu under Shenye Logistics , Coupled with Yao Zhenhua's investment in the stock market for many years , His personal realizable assets are still enough , This crisis is not very difficult to solve , It just takes time .

If the road is blocked and long, it will come

Many people may ask , In the battle of Baowan “ war ” Become famous 、 Why did boss Yao suddenly get into trouble when he had a good trip ? Open Baoneng's official website , A big view printed into the eyes 7 advertisement , as well as “ Make Baoneng 、 Science and technology Baoneng 、 Minsheng Baoneng ” Several main modules , Making Baoneng is the first of the three Baoneng , Among them, building a car is the focus of boss Yao these years .

As a heavy asset business , There is no doubt that it costs money to build a car . In addition to the technical barrier that the car itself has to pass , Financing war 、 Burn money and blood transfusion , Are the only way for new forces to build cars . Once you choose to build a car , It means that you have chosen a long and difficult road .

In the past few years, under the car building fever , There are not a few enterprises that spend a lot of money on the road of cars , Just have the ability to continue blood transfusion , And not on paper , There are only a few new forces with actual output , Baoneng automobile is one of them .

2016 end of the year , The central economic working conference first proposed “ Room for not stir ” The concept of , The state has set the tone for the direction of real estate in the next few years . At the time , Bao can adapt to the country “ From emptiness to reality ” New policy calls and new opportunities for new energy , advance “ Make Baoneng ” strategic , Industry serves the country .

2016 year , Baoneng's linkage cloud was established , Aim at the trillion level travel and auto aftermarket .

2017 year 3 month , Baoneng automobile was established , The registered capital 100 One hundred million yuan . Set up for a month , Baoneng signed a cooperation agreement with Guangzhou Huangpu Development Zone , Land the new energy vehicle industrial park in Huangpu , The total investment 300 One hundred million yuan .2018 Beginning of the year , Baoneng's strategic investment concept leads to automobile .

This year, 6 month , Baoneng group has reached an agreement with Guangzhou Development Zone 120 Billion strategic cooperation agreement , The headquarters of Baoneng new energy automobile group will be located in Guangzhou Development Zone . From the layout of Baoneng in recent years, we can see , Yao Zhenhua, an engineering male who graduated from South China University of technology with double degrees in industrial management engineering and food engineering, is committed to building a covering “ Research and development - Spare parts - Vehicle manufacturing - Travel - Post market ” The whole ecological automobile industry chain . According to the official website of Baoneng group , A number of new energy models are on the market .

at present , Baoneng “1+N” The independent R & D system has been basically established , Xi'an 、 Shenzhen 、 Changshu and other bases have world-class intelligent manufacturing capacity and promote production and operation as planned , Direct channel coverage 25 Provinces and autonomous regions . Core technology , In the power battery 、 The motor 、 Car networking 、 Active layout in automatic driving and other directions , Number of patents applied for 2000 Remainder , Including power battery 200 Remainder , Electric motor control 300 Remainder , Internet of vehicles and autonomous driving 300 Remainder , Its new energy patent applications once ranked among the top six , Among domestic enterprises, it is second only to the State Grid 、 Ningde era 、 BYD . In the travel market , Its linkage cloud has settled all over the country 360 city , The car outlets are super 3 m , Put into operation 10 More than 10000 vehicles , Wei Chao 4000 Million users to provide high-quality car service .

Although Baoneng automobile has made breakthroughs and achievements , But the continued heavy investment in cars , It just superimposes the special economic situation at home and abroad in the post epidemic era , So Baoneng has a temporary liquidity shortage .

Fortunately, , The basic price of Baoneng assets 、 Expected cash flow is good , Even in the face of difficulties , Major financial institutions still maintain good cooperative relations with Baoneng , Continue to give Baoneng full trust and support . From the current measures taken by Baoneng , Reassure investors 、 Take strong and key measures to continuously return funds , Achieve breakthroughs in strategic cooperation and development , All this is positive and positive “ Save your ”. Predictably, , The worst of Baoneng is about to pass .

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