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On the over marketed rice circle culture what warnings does the experience of Weilai automobile bring to the industry

2021-08-27 01:50:58 Oriental Information automobile

A tragic accident , Let other car companies envy “ Wei to ” The owner , But it has become the cause of welai brand reputation “ threat ” Major hidden dangers . What's going on ?

It's like this ,8 month 12 Friday night , Lin, the founder of an enterprise, drove Weilai ES8 Traffic accidents happen at high speed , Unfortunately died , It was just an accident , But because the obituary mentioned , The accident vehicle was in automatic driving state at that time , Thus, it has been widely concerned by all sectors of society .

The scourge of over marketing , Car companies should pay the bill

After the accident , Wei Lai said “ It is still under investigation , It is certain that Wei Lai did not provide it ’ Autopilot ’ service .” Weilai customer service also responded that ,NavigateonPilot(NOP) Pilot assistance is not autopilot . However , Weilai has always regarded autonomous driving as competitive . Li Bin was last year 12 Monthly representation , Intelligent electric vehicle is the future of the industry , The core of intelligence is intelligent driving . Wei Lai's attitude after the accident , Being satirized by netizens “ Automatic driving before accident , Assisted driving after an accident ”.

According to the classification of automatic driving level in China ,L1 and L2 The level belongs to assisted driving , The main operation is completed by the driver , The accident responsibility also mainly belongs to the driver . According to the state regulations , stay L2 Assisted driving , The driver is not allowed to leave the steering wheel with both hands for a long time .L3 Level is automatic assisted driving ;L4 Level and above are called automatic driving , In the specified scene , Complete driving is realized by intelligent vehicles , The driver does not need to keep his attention at all times .

Nowadays, all officially commercial intelligent driving assistance systems , All are L2 Level , In other words, it can't be called automatic driving , But in actual publicity , Manufacturers tend to enhance their technical image , With “ Autopilot ”“ Liberating hands ” And other eye-catching concepts as selling points , There are also many auto companies created by themselves L2.5 Level concept .

Shen Fei, vice president of Weilai, is in 2019 A controversial video was released in , In the video , Shen Fei sat in the driving Wei Lai ES8 in , Eating Starbucks takeout , Also take short video records , said “ With the help of autopilot , Safely eat and drive ”. This should be more than just over marketing , You've violated the traffic regulations .

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